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The shape of supply chains
is changing

As businesses pick up the pieces from the pandemic, the rules of supply chains across Asia-Pacific - already rewritten by years of geopolitical tensions - are taking a new and unique shape. That's why a strong banking partner is critical.

Reserve your copy of Future of the Global Supply Chain, an in-depth report into the resilience, sustainability and transparency of global supply chains.

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The Future of the Global Supply Chain in-depth report


Improving Carlsberg's cash flow

ANZ delivered a fully digital solution which allowed Carlsberg to support their suppliers by providing them access to low cost capital (leveraging Calsberg India's credit rating) and simultaneously improving the cash to conversion cycle without negatively impacting the balance sheet.


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Our network is unique amongst Australian banks. On the ground presence in 32 countries so that we have the local knowledge backed by an extensive global team.

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Working capital

Liquidity is a constant challenge for businesses.  By facilitating affordable working capital, we can help strengthen the relationship between suppliers and distributors.

Receivables finance

Payables finance

Sustainable supply chain finance

Digital transformation

Shifting from paper-based processes to using new technologies like blockchain and APIs will reap rewards.

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Awards and recognition

Receivables finance

Receivables finance is a supplier-led working capital solution, where the supplier (ANZ customer) sells to ANZ the trade receivable due from its buyer (approved by ANZ), on a limited recourse basis to the supplier. ANZ has the right to receive payment from the buyer, and in the event of non-payment, the ability to enforce this right against the buyer.

Potential benefits of receivables finance

  • Access to cheaper funding as early payment to the supplier is offered at a financing cost reflective of the buyer’s credit worthiness and hence is typically lower than the supplier's own financing cost
  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding as discount allows for acceleration of cash and provides an alternative source of funding away from core debt
  1. The supplier receives a purchase order for goods or services from their buyer
  2. The supplier fulfils the order by delivering the goods or completing the service and invoicing the buyer – evidencing a future payment obligation of the buyer
  3. If the buyer has been approved by ANZ, the supplier can present the invoice together with a purchase request to ANZ
  4. If ANZ accepts the purchase request, we will purchase the invoice at the pre-agreed purchase price
  5. ANZ takes an assignment over the purchased receivable
  6. At the invoice due date, the buyer pays the full invoice value to ANZ

Payables finance

Payables finance is a buyer-led, digital solution that allows a buyer (ANZ’s customer) to arrange early payment of approved invoices due to suppliers.

Potential benefits of payables finance

  • Improve supplier loyalty through arranging early payment at a financing cost reflective of the buyer’s credit worthiness and reducing the risk of non-payment
  • Early payment to suppliers for goods sold or services completed supports a healthy financial base to provide a consistent service
  1. The buyer places an order for goods or services with its supplier
  2. The supplier fulfils the order by delivering the goods or completing the service and invoicing the buyer – evidencing a future payment obligation of the buyer
  3. The buyer uploads the approved invoice and provides a payment undertaking to ANZ that they will pay the full invoice value to ANZ on the invoice due date
  4. The supplier is able to view all accepted invoices on the supplier portal and request a selection of invoices or all invoices to be paid early by ANZ
  5. ANZ can choose to accept the purchase request and pay the supplier at the requested early payment date at a discount to the invoice face value
  6. At the invoice due date, the buyer pays the full invoice value to ANZ

Sustainable supply chain finance

Sustainable supply chain finance provides the benefits of traditional supply chain, with the additional benefit of rewarding, incentivising, and funding sustainable supply chain behaviors.

Potential benefits of sustainable supply chain finance

  • Reinforce a Company’s commitment to sustainability
  • Strengthen the sustainability expectations for Suppliers and Buyers
  • Improve the security of the supply chain
  • Achieve a lower cost of funds for sustainability out performance

Headshot of Simone Fynmore - Head of Supply Chain Product, ANZ Institutional

"Businesses are looking to their banking partner for guidance on how to navigate the emerging supply chain challenges and opportunities"

Simone Fynmore - Head of Supply Chain Product, ANZ Institutional

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#1 for Market Penetration for Supply Chain Financing, Peter Lee Associates Large Corporate and Institutional Transactional Banking Survey, Australia 2015-21