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Make fast payments

The New Payments Platform is a fast payments infrastructure designed to meet the needs of a 24/7 digital economy both now and in the future.

The delivery of near real-time payments via the platform is revolutionary. Businesses, governments and consumers are now making and receiving payments typically in less than a minute, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Fast, simple and smart payments

  • NPP has given businesses, governments and consumers a platform to make fast, near real-time and data-rich payments – meeting the needs of the 24/7 digital economy.
  • The unique layering of the NPP infrastructure (the separation of messaging, addressing and settlement system) is fostering the ongoing evolution and development of payment services.
  • NPP has opened up opportunities for the creation of new overlay services to offer payment enrichment capability. This supports the development of value-add or ‘disruptive’ services, enabling you to redefine your customer experience.
  • Changes to working capital – as a result of funds received near real-time (for AUD to AUD payments) – are also changing the way funds are managed and optimised, including outside traditional business hours.

What is PayID and Osko?

PayID is a new way to address payments on the NPP.
Its services include:

  • Sending payments without the need to know a payee’s BSB and account number
  • Linking recognisable identifiers such as mobile phone numbers, email addresses, ABN/ACNs or Organisation IDs to an eligible bank account to receive payments
  • Helping to reduce erroneous payments by providing the payer with the ability to display and verify the payee’s name when making payments to a PayID
  • The ability to temporarily lock a PayID to stop inbound payments without needing to close a bank account
  • A function that allows customers to transfer a PayID between financial institutions with no impact on payers.

Osko by BPAY® is the first overlay service delivered via the NPP.
Osko payments:

  • Allow consumers and businesses to send payments to and from eligible accounts at participating financial institutions. Available funds can be cleared in near real-time (typically in less than a minute)
  • Allow for rich data and confidence in delivery, 24/7
  • Can be made to BSB and account numbers or PayIDs
  • Have prescribed service level agreements (SLAs) across all participating financial institutions to ensure a consistent customer experience

Business, government and consumer benefits

Inclusive and collaborative

  • The NPP has been collaboratively developed, which means banks have access to the same nationwide payments platform – enabling businesses, governments and consumers to make simply addressed payments, with near real-time funds availability to the recipient, on a 24/7 basis.


  • Make and receive near real-time payments. Fast clearance times with settlement credits appearing in accounts typically within approximately 60 seconds. The 60 seconds processing time is the 99% Osko SLA, which is available when the sending and receiving accounts are capable of processing faster payments.

Always on

  • Make and receive payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Data rich

  • 280 characters of reference text for a better customer experience.

Cost effective 

  • Cost effective when compared to other payment channels such as Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) and cheques.


  • Enriched information providing more data for reconciliation and investigations
  • More input fields providing for input of unique identifiers

Convenience with PayID

  • Simple address service for customers using account PayIDs to make payments with an easy-to-remember identifier (mobile phone numbers, email addresses, ABN/ACNs and Organisation IDs)

Enhanced privacy/security

  • PayIDs eliminate the requirement to provide BSB and account number details

Process efficiencies

  • Mandated industry wide scheme SLAs mean payment responses are received within minutes.

Working capital benefits

  • Access is available to businesses' Treasury departments to assist with efficient investment of deposits as payments are received in a near real-time environment – resulting in improved cash management.

Industry benefits

  • Refund cash/cheque payment for returned or faulty goods
  • Receive payments prior to goods/service dispatch
  • Customer refunds
  • Accelerate receipt of funds
  • Account activation
  • Partial refunds for lease cancellations
  • Payroll under BCP conditions
  • Registration payments
  • Immediately transfer emergency-relief claim funds to customers 24/7
  • Payout claim(s) to an individual instead of cash/cheque
  • Premium collections
  • Reduce the reliance on bank cheques for settlement
  • Deposit payment, auction payment, settlement
  • Agency needs to make emergency payment(s) to individuals
  • Welfare payments
  • Processing funds for recycling refund schemes
  • Payout/payments to individuals

Why choose ANZ for NPP?

ANZ Transactive – Global

A convenient web-based cash management platform that has been designed for maximum flexibility, security and ease of use. Features include domestic (NPP) and international payments, transfers, and balance and transaction history.

ANZ Fileactive

A flexible file transfer and data messaging exchange solution offering systems integration into a number of ANZ banking services (including NPP payments), allowing straight through processing from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Treasury Management Systems (TMS). This capability utilises standards such as Secured File Transfer Protocol (sFTP), Application Statement 2 (AS/2) and Representational State Transfer (REST) Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), along with a number of standards-based security methods.


File format flexibility

File format flexibility to minimise changes to your systems – little/or no ERP/financial system rework required.disclaimer

Future-proof your business

We are investing for the future, with new NPP services alongside continuous improvements.

Tailored services

ANZ offers its own NPP services, including file translation.

Real-time payments experience

We have real-time payments experience in the UK and Singapore, where similar fast payment services already exist. These learnings are being embedded into ANZ NPP solutions.


ANZ allows most account types to accept inbound NPP receipts.

From aerospace to zinc
and just about everything in between

ANZ Institutional supports customers across a wide range of industries operating domestically or moving goods and capital across Asia-Pacific and beyond.


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Osko® is delivered by BPAY® Australia.

BPAY® and Osko® are trademarks of BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518.

Online resources and help has the following user guides/file formats for NPP/Osko

  • Osko Payments Quick Reference Guide: outlines how to manually create an Osko payment to a BSB/Account Number or PayID
  • File Formats (with ANZ Transactive – Global payments): includes information on ABA Osko file format
  • Payments User Guide: includes details on how to use the new payments module in Transactive - Global

If additional richer NPP information is required, new data fields can be mapped into ERPs