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Cash sweeping

ANZ Sweeps is a cash management instrument that allows companies to physically combine their credit and debit positions across various accounts into one consolidated account. The movement of these funds can be automated based on rules that you establish, which determine the amount, frequency and timing. 

Cash sweeping is suitable for customers with a centralised treasury structure who want to reduce their dependency on credit, avoid cross guarantees and have a capacity to support inter-company lending frameworks where required.

Optimising business performance

Customer benefits

Improve oversight and control

  • Centralisation of cash allows treasurers to have increased visibility over group holdings, allowing them to make better working capital decisions

Interest savings and reduced reliance on credit facilities

  • By sweeping, organisations can minimise interest owed to banks by moving money from positive balance accounts to accounts that are in overdraft

Intercompany loan management and sophistication

  • ANZ’s market-leading sweep capability allows you to create multi-tier structures based on your domestic and cross-border requirements, automate intercompany accounting and reporting and manage your treasury obligations effectively


Intercompany loans

Physical consolidation of cash across different legal entities gives rise to intercompany loans on which interest must be paid to alleviate transfer pricing and BEPS risks, making efficient administration critical

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