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Transaction banking

Transaction Banking is the heart of Institutional business with vision to seamlessly connect products and geographic boundaries to provide customized solutions in trade finance, payments and cash management, across borders and multi-currencies.


Tiếng Việt | English

Trade and supply chain

Every business is different, and whatever you need, from the simplest of payments to complex trade transactions, we have a wealth of solutions and product knowledge to ensure your situation is handled in the best way possible.

At ANZ, we offer traditional products to facilitate international trade transactions and assist with the management of payment and performance risk. We also offer a range of complex products to assist with financing, risk transformation and liquidity management.


  • Documentary Letters of Credit
  • Documentary and Clean Collections
  • Import Trade Finance Loans


  • Bid/Performance/Advance Payment Bonds
  • Standby LC


  • Documentary Credit Advising and Negotiation
  • Documentary Credit Confirmation
  • Transfer of Documentary Letters of Credit
  • Documentary and Clean Collections
  • Export Trade Finance Loans

Payment and cash managements

ANZ Vietnam, in connection with ANZ groups and partnership with biggest local banks in Vietnam, offers you a wide network for your cash management needs. We are committed in delivering innovation to stream-line your processes and allow you to focus on your business.

ANZ Vietnam offers a wide suite of ready and customized solutions to help you manage your business cash flow, liquidity and investment through:

  • Managing idle balances and access to innovative investment solutions across a range of key currencies;
  • Achieving efficiencies in domestic and international transaction-related processes and systems;
  • Minimizing transaction fees;
  • Providing specialist knowledge and direct access to the Asia Pacific, Australian and New Zealand markets, supporting your regional growth aspirations.

ANZ provides you a wide range of payment and cash management products for your business needs including:

Account Services

  • Current account
  • Deposit account

Receivable Management

  • Cash deposit and cash pickup
  • Bank transfer
  • Reports
  • Reconciliation

Payable Management

  • Paper based payments
  • Electronic payments
  • Bulk payments (i.e. payroll services, payments to suppliers, commission payments)
  • eTax payments to Customs and GDT
  • Cash disbursement via alliance bank network

Liquidity Management

  • Account Consolidation
  • Automated Cash Concentration
  • Interest Optimization Solutions


ANZ Transactive – APEA

Enables you to make cash and trade payments region wide, manage documentary trade finance and access and view the status of your active trade instruments.

ANZ Transactive – Cash Asia

An integrated cash management portal that provides payments, collections and liquidity management via a single access point to connect your core financial transaction activity, products and tools to your organization structure and business needs. Real time balance and transaction reporting enhanced role management and the ability to configure the transaction workflow gives you control and visibility over your cash and more effective liquidity management while reducing risk and automating manual processes.

ANZ SWIFT for Corporates (SCORE)

It is a channel to customers that have signed with SWIFT as a Corporate User and have been provided a unique SWIFT code to interact with Financial Institutions directly. A SCORE client can create payments from ANZ account directly from an ERP system and view transactions information/statements for their accounts on their ERP. ANZ SCORE will help you to centralize payments and reporting, standardize messaging that enable straight-through processing and exceptional management, reduce cost and efficiencies, simplify payment processing and reduce technical complexity.

ANZ H2H solution (ANZ Fileactive)

It is a global, market leading client integration solution suite. By providing our clients with location neutral host-to-host file transfer functionality, ANZ Fileactive enables flexible and rapid integration to streamline your business processes and workflow. ANZ Fileactive can be tailored to your organization needs with solutions to be built and customized according to the service you select. It will help you to simplifies your banking integrations and processes, leverages and integrates with yours existing systems, optimizes operational processing and reduces associated costs.