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ANZ Vietnam is capable of providing clients with a wide range of loan products through our established onshore operations in Vietnam coupled with regional presence and product expertise. Our strong local experience also helps to add value to client business with market insight and frequent regulatory update.


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Short-term credit financing


ANZ can provide an efficient and flexible loan with tenor shorter than 1 year. You can overdraft up to the maximum credit limit approved or deposit money into the account to reduce the outstanding balance. Interest is calculated on actual draw down amount on daily basic and being charged at month-end.


  • Flexibly and timely draw down allow client to suit cash flow requirements;
  • Repayments can be made by simply crediting the operating account;
  • Support clients in case of short term mismatching cashflow, mainly involved in working capitals.

Short-term working capital financing

ANZ can offer you short term working capital facility to fit operating cash flow cycle. All terms are available from 1 month to 12 months and interest only be charged on the actual draw down amount. This form of facility is usually used for financing permanent working capital needs.


  • Flexibly and timely draw down allow client to suit cash flow requirements;
  • Fixed interest rate for the duration of each draw down.

Medium to long-term credit financing

Medium to long-term credit facility

ANZ term loans are available for more than 1 year and up to 5 years for a wide range of corporate purposes and most commonly to finance fixed-asset investment expenses, the mortgage can be assets formed from borrowing capitals. The main source of repayment based on all cash flows from borrower's business activities.


  • No maximum loan amount. All requests are considered on their merits;
  • Flexible terms available to meet your business needs;
  • Subtainable liquidity management due to longer-tenor to match with cash flow profile.

Syndicated credit financing

ANZ could be Aranger, agent bank or security agent to provide medium or long term loan by group of lender mostly as multiple banks under one single contract agreement. A syndicated loan is generally involves a larger deal size, and/or involves complicated structure.


  • Support the borrower to mobilize larger loan comparing to bilateral loan at the same time;
  • Single point of contact by conducting through the Arranger/Agent Bank;
  • Develop relationship with new bank;
  • Cost effective and less administration burden.

Structured export finance

Structured Export Finance (SEF) delivers medium to long-term cross border capital equipment debt financing solutions to ANZ's global client base on support of OECD or non-OECD governments through Export Credit Agencies (ECA).

ANZ provides export finance solutions for buyers and sellers of capital equipment and services.


  • Typically involves provision of debt to a buyer of capital goods and services from OECD or non-OECD countries which includes residual risk embedded in the Buyer Credit (i.e. 0-10% not covered by the ECA).

Project and structured finance

ANZ Project and Structured Finance (PSF) specialises in the provision of full financial advisory and arranging services for non or limited recourse financing and structured financing in various industries across Asia.


  • Access to a long-tenor financing based on project itself;
  • Wide range of products across ANZ potentially including equity, syndication services, bonds, hedging and credit derivatives and export credit services can be used to complete the structure of financing.