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How to become a shareholder

Buying and selling ANZ shares

ANZ shares are listed on the Australian (ASX) and New Zealand Stock Exchanges (NZX). You can buy or sell shares on market through a stock broker. Details about finding a broker are available on the ASX website at or the NZX at .


Facilities to buy and sell ANZ shares

If you want to buy or sell ANZ shares, please click on the information below, relevant to your location.

Note: ANZ has not entered into any exclusive arrangements with the brokers, you are free to choose your own broker. While the details of these brokers are listed below, the names are for information only. Further, ANZ will not be liable for any costs or losses incurred by you as a result of any activities of a Broker or your dealings with them.

Each Broker has consented to the use of its name on this website.