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  • Ensure that only you can physically access your mobile device
  • Set a password, PIN or other authentication method (such as a fingerprint or other biometric identifier) to unlock your mobile device and specific features, such as banking apps and security setting
  • Ensure no one else has biometrics stored on your mobile device
  • Choose security questions that are hard to guess
  • Secure your online accounts by setting a strong password and setting up two-factor authentication
  • Ensure your mobile device passcode is known only to you
  • Regularly update your mobile device operating system and apps
  • Set up automatic app and operating system updates
  • Download apps from trusted sources only
  • Set privacy features that do not allow apps to be accessed when mobile devices are in a locked state
  • Set automatic locks on your mobile device
  • Utilise any built-in encryption for your device and memory card (if installed)

Prior to downloading a new app, take 60 seconds to check the following:

  • Check the popularity of the app: thousands of downloads and very few reviews suggests a fake app
  • Visit the developer’s web page - lack of details about the developer and failure to link to a legitimate site may be concerning
  • Check the pattern of reviews including time frames from app launch to commentary; reviews in quick succession of launch are a red flag
  • If in doubt, go to the web page of the developer: lack of details about the developers, and linkage to a legitimate site is another indicator
  • Check that the permissions required by the app are in line with activities you will be performing: if the permissions seem excessive this is another red flag
  • If available, utilise your mobile device’s built-in malware detection

If you believe you have downloaded a fake ANZ app please contact us immediately on 1800 033 844 .

If you suspect a fake ANZ app is available on Google Play or on the App Store, please do not install the application and contact

  • Ensure your internet browser app is up to date
  • Avoid connecting to unsecured and unknown public Wi-Fi
  • Manage what is shared on social media and other websites
  • Disable/delete services or apps which are not used frequently
  • Utilise your mobile device manufacturer’s online services to locate a lost mobile device or delete sensitive data remotely
  • Utilise automatic data backup services
  • Set a PIN to your SIM to stop it being used for calls you did not make