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Your company security controls

As an ANZ customer you also play an important part in protecting your online banking transactions. Online security is a shared responsibility between ANZ, you as a valued customer and your employees. To assist you in protecting your information assets we have provided you with some advice below about common security controls that you can implement in your workplace.

Network controls

  • Use a firewall as a gatekeeper between your company computers and the Internet.
  • Download software security patches on a regular basis.
  • Secure your wireless network.

Install anti-malware software

Malware (malicious software) is any kind of software or code designed to exploit a computer. Malware includes computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware and other malicious programs. ANZ strongly recommends that you install and maintain anti-malware software on all computers within your organisation.

  • Ensure all your company computers have anti-malware protection software installed and this software is up-to-date.
  • Update anti-malware software on a regular basis.
  • Install IBM® Security Trusteer RapportTM financial malware protection software

Scan files and e-mail

Many hoax emails contain viruses or Trojan horses (key logger), which are downloaded to your computer when you open an attachment or embedded link.

  • Perform malware scans on your all computers on a regular basis.
  • Perform malware scans on all incoming emails.
  • Employ email rules for accepting incoming emails into your network.
  • Control external file drive access on your computers to limit the risk to malicious software being installed within your network.

Ensure that all employees are aware of proper security practices. For example people should know how to update anti-malware protection software, how to download security upgrades from software vendors and how to create a proper password.

  • Ensure staff do not share user credentials to gain access to ANZ online banking platforms.
  • Control access to your online banking functions by administering permissions to system functions for employees within your organisation. These are sometimes called role permissions. This will help reduce your internal fraud risk.
  • Ensure that employees do not leave their computers unlocked and unattended. They should either shut it down or physically disconnect from the Internet connection. This lessens the chance that someone will be able to access the computer.
  • Ensure your employees follow the advice provided in How to protect your security credentials.
  • Only use reputable computer repair and maintenance vendors to ensure you have adequate security.
  • Implement robust information security policies and practices to ensure the safety of your organisations information assets.