Most of us will live to be over 80, so hopefully your finances are in great shape to support you over the journey. Now you can find out in around five minutes with our financial fitness test.

Before you get started

The test will look at five key areas:

  • day-to-day living
  • managing debt
  • protecting what’s important
  • growing your wealth
  • your retirement plan.

As you progress through the test you’ll notice green, orange or red signals. These colours represent our feedback on your level of financial fitness in each area, based on what you’ve told us about yourself.

Green suggests you have a level of knowledge and confidence about your financial wellbeing in that particular area.
Orange indicates that you have thought about the topic but perhaps you could use some help.
Red highlights a potential need for greater management or further information about the topic.

Depending on your responses you’ll get some tips at the end that could help you get your finances in better shape.

The sooner you start the more options you’ll have to create the future you want, so get started now!


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