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Setting up your finances

ANZ has a large footprint in Fiji

ANZ has 16 branches conveniently located countrywide. You are welcome to come in and meet our staff, ask questions, or use our telling counters to arrange local and overseas payments, make deposits or withdraw cash.

The basics: opening local bank accounts and getting paid

ANZ Fiji can get you started with an ANZ Cheque Account for everyday banking, or an ANZ Foreign Currency High Performance Passbook account for your savings. These accounts can be in AUD, NZD, GBP, YEN or USD. To open an account, simply visit an ANZ branch with your passport and we will walk you through the process.

ANZ credit and debit cards

ANZ International Access Debit Card is linked to your everyday deposit account, and allows you to withdraw cash from ANZ ATMs in Fiji, and any other Cirrus or Maestro ATM worldwide. The ANZ Visa Classic Credit Card or the ANZ Visa Business Credit Card also allows you to pay for goods or services at any merchant that accepts Visa, anywhere in the world.

ANZ Internet Banking

With access to ANZ Internet Banking, you can check account balances, transfer funds between your linked accounts, or order bank statements and cheque books.

Foreign exchange

Whether you are changing foreign currency into Fiji Dollars or vice versa, ANZ can help with competitive rates and expert service. Conditions and regulations apply when exchanging Fiji Dollar to foreign currency.

Domestic payments

If you wish to transfer money to another bank in Fiji, ANZ can make these transfers directly from either your regular bank account or foreign currency account. If you want to use your foreign currency account, the amount must first be converted to Fiji Dollars. To make a payment simply come into an ANZ branch, or send us a fax instruction. Please ensure an ANZ Fax Indemnity is in place before asking ANZ to act on your faxed instructions.

Overseas payments (non-residents - individual)

To make an overseas payment simply come into an ANZ branch, or send us a fax instruction. Overseas payments are subject to strict local regulation, so restrictions may apply, or additional documentation may be required in order to make an overseas payment.

Once you're settled in:  making the most of the opportunities

ANZ can offer a unique network solution to your offshore banking needs while you are living in the Pacific. Whether it is through our offshore banking centres in Singapore and Hong Kong or back in Australia and New Zealand, we can draw together a truly international solution for all your financial needs.

The ANZ team in Fiji can connect you with our teams in offshore sites and assist in establishing arrangements to simplify what can be a complex task of managing your financial position across a number of countries.

Accumulating and investing cash

ANZ provides several accounts designed to help you invest. Come talk to us and we can help you find the best solution for your investment.

Find out more

To find out more visit your local ANZ branch or call +679 3213 000 to speak to an ANZ Customer Relations specialist today.