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Taking the first step

Come talk to us

Moving to a new country is a major event. If you have decided to move to Australia or New Zealand, you can rest easy knowing that ANZ will be there to help you with your banking needs.

To help you take your first step in this life-changing journey, come and talk to us to discuss your financial needs. ANZ is a well-established bank in both Australia and New Zealand; we can provide you with expert knowledge and share our experience with you to help you find the right financial solution that will suit your particular situation.

Things you might want to consider in advance are:

  • What will be your immediate banking needs when you move over? Will you need a savings account, cheque account, or both?
  • What kind of immediate spending do you anticipate making? Will they be small purchases, general households, white goods, etc? Will you need a credit card or small amount of lending to help you get set up? Or do you already have the funds that will enable you to do this?
  • Will you be looking to purchase a new home or other types of real estate?
  • Do you plan to invest in a small business or have business dealings?
  • Do you quality for, and require the products and services from ANZ Private Bank?

We will work with you and assess your personal situation to help find the right banking solution. Come see us today and let us help you move seamlessly overseas.