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Banking in Fiji

The banking environment in Fiji (non-residents - individual)


The currency of Fiji is the Fiji Dollar (FJD, or simply Dollar).

As an individual, if you are paid in Fiji Dollars, you can convert to a foreign currency or remit your foreign currency out of Fiji without restriction if you are sending it to your own account overseas. To send your money to a third party, you will need to provide statement of the purpose of the payment to your bank.

Carrying cash in or out of Fiji

FJD $5000 or the equivalent amount in other currencies can be carried in or out of Fiji.

Making payments

Making payments for everyday expenses like utilities or rent is not too difficult in Fiji. Most bills are paid via bank transfer, cheques, standing order (periodical payments), or by cash. In many cases, your employer would arrange payment of major bills such as telephone, rent, electricity, etc.

Debit and credit cards

Both debit and credit cards are available in Fiji.


ATM networks have grown substantially in Fiji in recent years. Most major banks also have ATMs around the country. ATMs only dispense Fiji Dollars and accept most international cards showing the Cirrus or Maestro symbols.