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Foreign currency movements

The Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF) regulates foreign currency movements under the Exchange Control Act 1950. RBF approval must be obtained for all foreign currency exchange transactions above the delegated limits they have imposed on the banks in Fiji.

Changes to the delegated exchange control limits imposed on the banks

The RBF revised its Exchange Control Guidelines effective from 2 April 2020 (revised 6 September 2021).

This included changes to the Exchange Control Limit on debit and credit card usage.

Exchange Control Limit changes

The Exchange Control Limits are available on the Reserve Bank of Fiji website.

RBF approval must be obtained for the conversion of Fijian dollars into foreign currency above these limits and includes transactions on your debit and credit card(s).

You can apply for RBF approval (except debit card and insurance payments) online at

Please take note of these limits because we are required to report customers who have breached the limits to the RBF and this may result in your cards being blocked from any further purchasing/spending until RBF clearance/approval is obtained. A second breach of these limits can also result in the cancellation of your card(s).

For more information on these Exchange Control Limits, please visit the Reserve Bank of Fiji website.