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Trade and economy

From our expertise in moving goods and capital across the region, we bring you market-leading trade and economic coverage from across our extensive global network. Our news and analysis provide you with unique and market-leading insight to helping your business thrive in an era of uncertainty.

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  • Economy

    BUDGET 24-25: surplus, then deficit

    Adam Boyton Head of Australian Economics, ANZ

    After a surplus in 2023-24, the Australian federal budget returns to deficit and remains there over the forecast horizon.

    2024-05-15 00:00
  • Economy

    BUDGET 24-25: in pictures

    Catherine Birch, Madeline Dunk & Camila Salazar Riofrio Senior Economist & Economist at ANZ Research, and contributor, ANZ Institutional Insights

    Our easy-to-read infographic spells out the key announcements from the 2024-25 Australian federal budget.

    2024-05-15 00:00
  • Australia

    BUDGET 24-25: modest improvement

    Adam Boyton Head of Australian Economics, ANZ

    ANZ Research expects May's federal budget to show a small budget surplus, before the balance falls into deficit in 2024-25.

    2024-05-02 00:00
  • Economy

    China’s growth improvement

    Raymond Yeung & Zhaopeng Xing Chief Economist, Greater China & Senior China Strategist, ANZ

    Better-than-expected gross domestic product figures have prompted a reassessment of China’s fortunes.

    2024-04-22 00:00
  • Economy

    NZ cuts still a 2025 story

    Sharon Zollner & David Croy Chief Economist & Senior Strategist, ANZ Institutional

    The Reserve Bank of New Zealand will need more certainty before contemplating cuts.

    2024-04-16 00:00
  • China

    China’s recovery hope

    Staff Writer ANZ Insights

    Solid spending data adds to hopes China can shift its economic narrative, ANZ’s Head of Asia Research says.

    2024-03-07 00:00
  • Economy

    WATCH: recall Japan

    Richard Yetsenga Chief Economist, ANZ

    Overshadowed in recent times, Japan is a $US5trn economy that will play a larger role in the Asian economic discourse moving forward.

    2024-03-01 00:00
  • New Zealand

    Why the RBNZ could hike

    Staff Writer ANZ Insights

    Sticky inflation means ANZ Research is now forecasting rate hikes in both February and April, Sharon Zollner told the 5 in 5 with ANZ podcast.

    2024-02-13 00:00
  • Economy

    Outlook 24: controlled descent

    Raymond Yeung Chief Economist, Greater China, ANZ

    China’s economic momentum looks set to slow in 2024 – but there’s no fear of a freefall. Author; Raymond Yeung

    2024-01-24 00:00
  • Economy

    Could RBNZ cut in Aug?

    Staff Writer ANZ Insights

    Inflation may be within the RBNZ’s band by the September quarter – suggesting the central bank may have done enough, Sharon Zollner says on podcast.

    2024-01-23 00:00
  • India

    India’s allure

    Dhiraj Nim & Sanjay Mathur Economist & Chief Economist Southeast Asia and India, ANZ Research

    A combination of local and global factors has resulted in a rapid change to India’s growth potential.

    2024-01-17 00:00
  • Economy

    A soft start

    Alexandra Cooper Contributor, ANZ Institutional Insights

    ANZ economists expect muted growth in Australia in 2024 – but momentum is set to pick up in the second half of the year.

    2024-01-11 00:00
  • Economy

    Fed to cut in Q3

    Brian Martin & Tom Kenny Head of G3 Economics & Senior International Economist, ANZ

    ANZ Research expects the US Federal Reserve to cut interest rates in the second half of calendar 2024, kicking off a 200-basis-point reduction cycle.

    2023-12-06 00:00

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