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Trade and supply chain finance

ANZ China is on the ground with expertise and experience - where and when you need us.

Trade and Supply Chain Finance is a core focus for ANZ China. ANZ China's extensive network and global processing platform enables us to offer our customers a distinct competitive advantage with assured product and service excellence.

With up-to-date knowledge of current regulations and rules published by International Chamber of Commerce, ANZ China's Trade and Supply Chain Finance team offers complete solutions to our trade customers in Mainland China - from simple trade products and services to complex solutions tailored for unique requirements.

ANZ China's Trade and Supply Chain Finance team can also provide initial and ongoing training to our customer's staff. This could include information on latest and best practices and education relating to updated publications.

Our capability is greatly enhanced by long standing relationships with local financial institutions and regulatory authorities.


Products and Services


  • Import Documentary Collections
  • Import Documentary Letters of Credit
  • Back-to-Back Letters of Credit
  • Shipping Guarantees
  • Standby Letters of Credit
  • Trade Finance Loans
  • Guarantees


  • Export Documentary Collections
  • Export Documentary Letters of Credit (Discounting/Negotiation)
  • Documentary Credit Advising
  • Documentary Credit Confirmation
  • Pre-export Finance Against Confirmed Credits
  • Transferable Documentary Credits
  • Trade Finance Loans

Supply Chain Products

  • Receivable Finance
  • Payables Finance
  • Domestic Commercial Acceptance Draft Discounting
  • Domestic Bank Acceptance Acceptance/

Structured Trade Products

  • Pre-Export Finance
  • Pre-Payment Finance
  • Warehouse Finance


With more than 1000 Markets specialists across the global network, ANZ is a trusted leader in the world financial markets. ANZ China Markets team focuses on simple and vanilla financial products to serve the real economy and fulfill customer risk hedging demand. China Markets emphasis the coordination and cooperation amongst front office, middle office and back office, with experienced specialists to manage Markets business. Our internal control strategy is based on continuous risk assessment. We keep on strengthening Markets business related process control with enhanced investment in the enablement and risk control functions.

Front office

ANZ China Markets front office is responsible for pricing and booking of transactions. Front office mainly includes corporate and financial institutional sales, traders, and balance sheet trading.


Corporate and Financial Institutional Sales

Leveraging ANZ global sales capabilities, China local market experts, and our deep insight of asset-liability products, ANZ China's sales team is committed to offering customers with the most suitable services.

With a focus on interest rate and foreign exchange products, liability and structured investment products, ANZ China provides customers with a full range of products: from traditional foreign exchange and fixed income products to innovative products from commodity derivatives and emerging markets.



ANZ China Trading Desk actively participates in domestic interest rate (for example, interest rate swaps), foreign exchange (USD/CNY), and commodity trading (gold) market, providing liquidity to the inter-bank market.

ANZ China Markets traders have rich experience in foreign exchange, interest rates and commodities products. With deep insight into local market and backed by international market, we can provide valuable advice to our customers.


Balance Sheet Trading

Serving as a funding center, ANZ China’s Balance Sheet Trading desk assists the Bank’s Asset and Liability Committee to monitor the Bank’s funding flows and ensure the liquidity.


Middle office

Markets middle office is responsible for client onboarding, customer suitability assessment, transaction management, off-market rate monitoring, and transaction cancel and amendment.


Back office

Markets back office is responsible for transaction verification, settlement, confirmation, internal/external reporting and etc.

Payment and cash management

ANZ China has built a reputation for providing friendly and professional service and advice.

For corporate customers, ANZ China can help structure and open RMB and foreign currency bank accounts. These services extend to cash management solutions designed to meet not only regulatory requirements, but to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.


Products and services

  • RMB and Foreign Currency Account Management
  • Deposit
  • Domestic and Cross Border Payment and Collection
  • Liquidity Management Solution