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Food, beverage and agribusiness

Outlook 2023: innovation to bolster FB&A

Head of FBA, International, ANZ Institutional

2023-01-31 05:30

The global food, beverage and agriculture industry faces another challenging period in 2023, but businesses willing to embrace innovation will place themselves in a position of strength.

Water and land scarcity, as well as increasing food waste, are growing as issues in the sector, but can be overcome through technology, investment and sustainable-farming practices.

Consumer preferences towards healthier options and plant-based protein will drive innovation and new product development, which sets the sector up for an exciting period in 2023.


The sector does face challenges, including increasing pressure to produce more food for a growing population with fewer resources.

Rising concerns over food security and the growing impact of climate change on agricultural production also loom, but each of these are being addressed by large parts of the sector, committed to innovating toward solutions.

With industry expertise across the entire FB&A supply chain, ANZ stands ready to support its customers during this critical time.

The economic and geopolitical factors that have shaped an unprecedented period for business around the world are not going anywhere soon. 

With 2023 upon us, large organisations face a cocktail of influences impacting the way they do business: rapid digitisation, shifting supply chains, geopolitical uncertainty, and the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

At ANZ Institutional, we know our customers are looking to position themselves to take advantage of these forces. 

As part of our Outlook 2023 series, we’re asking our subject-matter experts to provide insights into a range of complex areas from across more than 30 markets – helping you better understand how you can prepare for the New Year. We’ll be sharing the responses with you over the coming weeks.


Sherrie Banks is Head of FBA, International at ANZ Institutional

Outlook 2023: innovation to bolster FB&A
Sherrie Banks
Head of FBA, International, ANZ Institutional


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