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WATCH: partnering towards net-zero

ANZ Insights

2022-02-15 00:00

The deep expertise on both sides of a new ANZ and Pollination strategic partnership will allow customers to take advantage of robust, innovative solutions to accelerate net zero in the Asia Pacific, according to Katharine Tapley, Head of Sustainable Finance at ANZ Institutional.

Speaking to Zoe Whitton, Partner at Pollination, after the announcement of the partnership between the two groups, Tapley said Pollination’s sustainability advisory, carbon project investment and funds management capabilities were a strong match with ANZ’s strengths. 

“What I think about is, what are the financial services that wrap around that and how does that connect in with our customers?” she said. 

“That’s when Pollination can come in and help with these conversations, and we create this really robust strategy for a customer which then has the best chance of being monetised in the marketplace.”

You can watch the conversation below on video. 


Whitton said Pollination was excited about the strategic partnership, given the push to net zero across the whole economy requires a diverse level of skillsets.

“Our mission is to push that transition as fast as we can and get us to a point where we’re dealing with nature in the right way,” she said, “And to do that it’s really a team effort.”

“I think the ambition for this partnership is to provide a platform that can really go with those clients on every step of that journey.”

The partnership will see ANZ will invest $US50 million for a minor equity stake in Pollination, a leading global climate change investment and advisory firm.

The parties say the investment allows them to bring together their own track records financing and advising on sustainability to deliver impactful solutions across the Asia Pacific, including achieving levels of innovation, integrity and scale which would be unreachable without the strategic partnership.

Tapley said one of the aims was to enable ANZ and Pollination to play a role in innovating “the next generation of sustainable finance”.

“I’m hopeful we’re right at the forefront of that,” she said.

At Pollination, the agreement is “all about trying to accelerate” the sustainable transition, according to Whitton.

“The hope is, in this partnership we can really bring together a team that can help accelerate that transition in a really impactful way, not just for clients, but the broader system as a whole,” she said.

Watch the video above to find out more.

WATCH: partnering towards net-zero
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ANZ Insights

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