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Monthly Report

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April 2022 (PDF 108kB)

February 2022 (PDF 350kB)

January 2022 (PDF 350kB)



November 2021 (PDF 351kB)

October 2021 (PDF 106kB)

August 2021 (PDF 350kB)

July 2021 (PDF 350kB)

May 2021 (PDF 350kB)

April 2021 (PDF 350kB)

February 2021 (PDF 350kB)

January 2021 (PDF 350kB)



November 2020 (PDF 351kB)

October 2020 (PDF 347kB)

August 2020 (PDF 334kB)

July 2020 (PDF 334kB)

June 2020 (PDF 351kB)

May 2020 (PDF 351kB)

April 2020 (PDF 351kB)

March 2020 (PDF 351kB)

February 2020 (PDF 355kB)

January 2020 (PDF 355kB)



December 2019 (PDF 356kB)

November 2019 (PDF 93kB)

October 2019 (PDF 106kB)

September 2019 (PDF 82kB)

August 2019 (PDF 81kB)

July 2019 (PDF 90kB)

June 2019 (PDF 90kB)

May 2019 (PDF 87kB)

April 2019 (PDF 93B)

March 2019 (PDF 92kB)

February 2019 (PDF 103kB)

January 2019 (PDF 103kB)



December 2018 (PDF 100kB)

November 2018 (PDF 89kB)

October 2018 (PDF 103kB)

September 2018 (PDF 176kB)

August 2018 (PDF 169kB)

July 2018 (PDF 88kB)

June 2018 (PDF 88kB)

May 2018 (PDF 88kB)

April 2018 (PDF 168kB)

March 2018 (PDF 88kB)

February 2018 (PDF 99kB)

January 2018 (PDF 168kB)



December 2017 (PDF 88kB)

November 2017 (PDF 169kB)

October 2017 (PDF 88kB)

September 2017 (PDF 168kB)

August 2017 (PDF 88kB)

July 2017 (PDF 168kB)

June 2017 (PDF 88kB)

May 2017 (PDF 168kB)

April 2017 (PDF 88kB)

March 2017 (PDF 88kB)

February 2017 (PDF 88kB)

January 2017 (PDF 88kB)



December 2016 (PDF 87kB)

November 2016 (PDF 59kB)

October 2016 (PDF 87kB)

September 2016 (PDF 159kB)

August 2016 (PDF 168kB)

July 2016 (PDF 178kB)

June 2016 (PDF 168kB)

May 2016 (PDF 178kB)

April 2016 (PDF 178kB)

March 2016 (PDF 169kB)

February 2016 (PDF 88kB)

January 2016 (PDF 89kB)



December 2015 (PDF 87kB)

November 2015 (PDF 88kB)

October 2015 (PDF 87kB)

September 2015 (PDF 87kB)

August 2015 (PDF 88kB)

July 2015 (PDF 88kB)

June 2015 (PDF 81kB)

May 2015 (PDF 89kB)

April 2015 (PDF 81kB)

March 2015 (PDF 89kB)


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By Regulation
a. Information on Funds Transfer related with BI-RTGS and SKNBI systems (PDF 555kB)
b. Dodd-Frank (PDF 42kB)

By Business
a. Disclosure regarding ANZ's Role in the Wholesale Fixed Income, Currency and Commodities (FICC) Markets - Institutional Clients (PDF 518kB)
b. Payment and Cash Management Pricing Guide (effective from 20 January 2022) (PDF 296kB)

By Market
a. US Disclosures (PDF 178kB) 
b. Indonesia Disclosures

The provision of products and services is subject to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Indonesia and PT Bank ANZ Indonesia banking licence in Indonesia.
ANZ is a bank that registered with and under the supervision of the Financial Services Authority.