ANZ Assured

ANZ Assured is a credit limit of either $500 or $1000 that can be attached to your ANZ Access account. It provides you with the safety net of a credit limit to cover unexpected cash shortfalls, helping you avoid the hassle of declined transactions or bounced cheques. You will only be charged on the amount of credit you access1.

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Features and Benefits 

Manage costs and save on potential fees
A low monthly fee
Access additional funds when you need it, all for a low fee of about $5 per month2.

Savings accounts

Manage costs
Avoid overdrawn fees3 and only pay interest on the credit you use1.
Debit cards

Attach to any eligible ANZ everyday account 
ANZ Assured can be added to one of the following ANZ everyday accounts:


Additional Features
  • Interest is only charged on the amount of credit used1
  • Credit facility fee of approximately $5 per month2
  • No loan approval fee
  • Simply access funds in the same way as you normally bank, including ATMs4, EFTPOS, cheques, ANZ Phone, Mobile and Internet Banking, or at any ANZ Branch
  • The credit facility fee is waived on the $1,000 ANZ Assured limit if you hold an eligible linked Home Loan product5.


How to apply

Apply online  Apply now

Call ANZ direct  Call 1800 008 177, Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm (AEST).

Visit an ANZ branch  Visit any branch


Important Information

ANZ’s normal credit criteria apply to each application. Applicants need to be at least 18 years of age and demonstrate capacity to afford to repay.

Terms and conditions are available on application. Fees and charges are payable.

1. The interest rate applicable as at loading product data(View current rates) is loading product data(View current rates) but is variable and may change.

2. This fee is payable monthly. It is calculated by dividing the annual credit facility fee of $60 by 366, then multiplying that figure by the number of days that facility is on effect for that month.

3. Debits will be honored up to your approved credit limit.  If there are no funds available under this credit facility, ANZ may process the debit using the Informal Overdraft facility for your linked account (refer to the terms and conditions of your linked account for more details about the Informal Overdraft facility).

4. Non-ANZ ATM fees apply. 

5. ANZ Standard Variable Rate Home or Residential Investment Loan linked to either an ANZ Access Advantage, ANZ Access Select or ANZ One account, or an ANZ 1 Year Fixed Rate Home or Residential Investment Loan linked to an ANZ One account.