Manage multiple Pay Anyone templates

Use our faqs to find out more about managing multiple Pay Anyone payment templates.

How many payments can be made with multiple Pay Anyone?

The following indicates the amount of payments that can be made using multiple Pay Anyone for ANZ Internet Banking for Business customers:

  • Multiple payments completed manually: 18 payees.
  • Multiple payments via template: 99 payees.
  • Multiple payments via file uploads: 999 payees.
What information can I get on the "Multiple Pay Anyone - payment template" page?

The "Multiple Pay Anyone-Payment Template" page provides the list of multiple Pay Anyone payment templates that have already been created. The list includes the following details about each template:

  • Template type: displays "Pay Anyone" for multiple Pay Anyone templates.
  • Template name: displays the name given to the template at the time of creation.
  • No. of payees: displays the number of payees in the saved template.
  • Value: displays the total amount of the payments in the saved template.
  • Last used: displays the date the template was last used to create a multiple Pay Anyone payment.
What else can I do on the "Multiple Pay Anyone - payment template" page?

Need more help?

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