Account interest and charges

Keeping track of your interest and charges on your eligible accounts is easy with ANZ Internet Banking.

For eligible accounts you can view:

  • interest received
  • interest paid
  • government charges
  • bank fees

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You can view your interest and charges in one of two ways.

View interest and charges for a particular account
  • Go to the home page, which is the first page you see when you log on to ANZ Internet Banking.
  • Select your relevant account from the list. This will take you to the account overview of your chosen account.
  • Select the "Details" tab.
View interest and charges for all eligible accounts
  • Go to the "Profile" menu
  • Select "View interest and charges summary".

Then follow the steps below.

Step 1 - View the details

After selecting the "Details" tab or "View interest and charges summary" menu, you can view the following information for the current financial year and previous financial year:

  • Total interest paid: interest debited from your account(s).
  • Total interest received: interest credited to your account(s).
  • Government charges and bank fees*: debited from your account(s).

Please note that this function is not available for the following accounts:

  • Credit Card accounts
  • Home Loan Interest Saver accounts
  • Superannuation Savings accounts
  • Tenancy Trust accounts
  • Solicitors Trust accounts

* note that bank fees and government charges are not available for loans.

Step 2 - Print the details (optional)

To print this page, select the "Print" icon in the top right corner.

  • A print-friendly version of the page will display. Select "Print" at the top of the page to print the page.
  • If there is no print icon in the top right corner please use your own browser's print function (Control + P).
Step 3 - Select another account (optional)

If you are viewing interest and charges for a particular account and wish to view interest and charges on another account:

  • Go back to the home page and select another account.
  • Then repeat steps 1-2.
Important notes
  • Current financial year to date (YTD) amounts are current as at the previous business day.
  • Government charges paid on your account is the total of debits tax (all States except Tasmania), Tasmanian debits duty (Tasmania only), and Electronic Transactions Duty (NT only) you have paid.

Need more help?

Use our frequently asked questions to find out more about account interest and charges.

What information can I find in the "Interest and charges" tab?

On the"Details" tab, the "Interest and charges" section lets you see the total interest paid and the total interest received on your accounts for the current and previous financial year.

  • You can also view a running total of government charges and bank fees for the current financial year and the total for the previous financial year.
What does the amount in interest paid comprise of?

The amount in interest paid is the total debit interest that you have paid on your account.

What does the interest received comprise of?

This is the total credit interest that has been paid to you by ANZ on the funds you had in your account.

What does the government charges section comprise of?

Government charges include both State and Federal Government charges, which are automatically calculated on applicable transactions.

  • This section comprises of the total of debits tax (all States except Tasmania), Tasmanian Debits Duty (Tasmania only), and Electronic Transactions Duty (NT only) that you have paid.
What does the bank fee section comprise of?

This section comprises of the total bank fees paid on your account.

  • This may include monthly account servicing fees, fees on excess transaction/collections (business accounts) or excess withdrawals (personal accounts)
  • It will not include dishonour, non-payment fees or fees for other banking services such as bank cheques.
Where else can I find these fees and charges?

The fees and charges and the interest details can also be found on your account statement. You should check the above information against your statement before you use this information for tax purposes.

  • These fees and charges are debited from the account on the calendar day that the account was opened or the next business day.
Can I view interest, fees and charges for all my accounts linked to ANZ Internet Banking?

This function is available for most of the accounts except for ANZ Credit Cards, Home Loan Interest Saver accounts, Superannuation Savings accounts, Tenancy Trust accounts, Solicitors Trust accounts.

  • Bank fees and government charges are not available for loans.

Need more help?

For further assistance please call the ANZ Internet Banking team on 13 33 50 (International callers: +61 3 9683 8833) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.