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Bonds, Indemnities and Guarantees

Convenient banking

An indemnity or guarantee is a formal financial obligation to a third party assumed by the bank on behalf of established and credit worthy customers such as an advanced payment guarantee.

Widely accepted as a form of security, indemnities and guarantees can help your business enter into contracts for various works with particular emphasis on property developers, builders, contractors, sub-contractors, and government and semi-government organisations. It also frees up funds to be used for working capital or other investment.

Features at a glance

Customer need ANZ solution
Improved cash flow
  • Free valuable resources for working capital purposes.
Total flexibility

Issued for many different purposes including:

  • Performance bonds for building and supply
  • Immigration bonds to enable issuance of immigration and work permits for foreign nationals
  • Customs and excise bonds and guarantees
  • Tender bonds
  • Shipping or airway bill guarantees
  • Standby letters of credit.

Find out more

Find out more about bonds, indemnities and guarantees by visiting your local ANZ branch or call 132 411 (local) or +679 321 3000 (overseas) to speak to an ANZ specialist today.

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