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ANZ Commercial Bill

A short or long-term answer for major cash needs

Often the ideal option for short or long-term financing, Commercial Bills can be an excellent answer when you need a significant injection of cash above $500,000. Normal terms are from one to six months for variable rate facilities and from one to five years for fixed rate facilities.

With fixed rate facilities, your interest rate remains constant for the term of each drawing, which may include several rollovers. With variable rate facilities, the interest rate is fixed for each bill but will vary at each rollover.

Your commitment is to repay the face value of each bill. If you roll the bill, you pay the difference between the face value and the discount amount of the new bill.

Borrowing via a commercial bill facility offers the flexibility to:

  • adjust the principal amount borrowed each rollover (or interest payment period) in line with business cash flow requirements, within a specified limit
  • manage the associated interest rate risk by applying a Tailored Business Facility solution to the Commercial Bill borrowings.

How to apply

For businesses with turnover $5M to $40M

1800 602 761 8am-8pm (AEST) weekdays

Contact your nearest Business Banker

For corporates & large corporates with turnover more than $40M

Email Corporate Banking

1300 883 798

Intl: +61 3 9601 1260


Standard features


Short or long-term finance for any approved commercial or investment purpose.

Interest rate 

For variable rate facilities the interest rate is a standard variable rate plus a margin. For fixed rate facilities the interest rate is confirmed at each drawdown.


Up to five years.

Interest types 

Variable or fixed with the ability to package a range of interest rate risk management products.

Minimum amount

$500,000 (higher amounts and reductions in multiples of $5,000).

Interest frequency

One, two, three, four, five or six months for variable rate facilities and three or six months for fixed rate facilities.

Repayment frequency 

The face value of the Bill is repaid at the end of each rollover period.


Unsecured or secured by residential, rural or commercial property and/or business assets, or a combination of these.

Fees and charges

Fees and charges are payable.


This product/service is generally suitable for businesses with turnover of $5 million or more.