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    Transaction Banking

     ANZ OnLine
    ANZ OnLine is a fully integrated, Windows™ based electronic banking package - providing your business with a comprehensive electronic payment and cash management system in a simple and secure environment. It provides an easy and effective way to conduct business transactions giving you direct access to a range of banking services via your desktop PC.

    ANZ OnLine is modular based with each module containing various licensed features. You can choose to purchase the licensed features specifically required to satisfy your immediate needs, as well as the option of purchasing additional licensed features when required.

    ANZ OnLine can be customised to suit all types of business and provides a number of benefits including:

    Reduced Costs
    Instead of paying government duties on each cheque you write, ANZ OnLine allows you to bundle all your cheques into one electronic batch (a batch may contain hundreds of cheques). This means significant reductions in your postage and administration costs, as well as potential savings in debits tax.

    Business Convenience
    ANZ OnLine offers you a full range of banking services accessible on your PC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means no more branch queues, over-the-counter fees or clearance delays, leaving you more time to do business.

    Greater security and control
    ANZ OnLine also provides a range of high-level security features giving you peace of mind. You decide who has access to view, change or authorise information and payments. ANZ OnLine also offers seamless integration with many other business software applications.

    Relevant, reliable and timely access to vital information on cash flows, account balances and transactions.

    Fully supported
    ANZ provides installation and training and a fully supported, professional helpdesk to assist with any issues, as they arise

    What are the features of ANZ OnLine?

    Domestic and International Payments
    You can initiate domestic payroll and creditor payments from your PC same day, as well as future dated payments. Electronic payments can also be sent to the Australian Taxation Office. International payments can be funded from a variety of sources using domestic or, offshore domiciled ANZ accounts by arrangement.You can also initiate cross currency payments.

    Fast transfer of funds between your ANZ business accounts.

    Balance and Transaction Information
    ANZ OnLine provides you with an on-screen display or hard copy statement of your account balances and transaction details for both Australian and foreign currency accounts. Account data and transactions can then be exported to other software - spreadsheets, account packages etc, to perform account reconciliation, cash flow management and financial modelling.

    Reporting Facilities
    You can monitor the status of all accounts and transactions and prepare detailed account activity reports, enabling easy cheque reconciliation maintenance and consolidation of account information. Delivery of data files containing information from various other ANZ products allows you to centralise your financial reporting.

    Trade Information
    You can electronically prepare, amend and lodge Import Letters of Credit and monitor your exposure on a daily basis, receive advice of Export Letters of Credit, and prepare Trade Memos and Export Collection Letters for presentation.