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Frequently asked questions

We've answered the most common financial difficulties queries below.

If you are still unsure, or have further questions, please contact Customer Connect directly on 1800 252 845.

I've submitted my hardship application form - what happens next?     

Customer Connect will take the time to carefully assess all the information you've provided. Once done, we'll contact you with an outcome.

Occasionally, we may require further information to make an informed decision. We'll be in touch with you to request this information if necessary. However, until you hear from us, please continue making whatever payments you can afford towards your account(s).

Who needs to complete the hardship application form?                      
  • Only you will need to complete the form if the loan is in one name.
  • If it's a joint loan, it’s ok if one party supplies all information, however, we strongly recommend both parties do to ensure the application runs as smoothly as possible
  • Occasionally, we might need to speak to both parties depending on your situation.
How long does it take?                                                                        

We have an obligation to get back to you within 21 days of making an application, but usually you can expect a call within a week. Please note that it may take longer for us to respond during natural disasters and similar events, as we'll have more people seeking help at these times.

What are my options if my application is declined?                

If your circumstances have permanently changed, or you’re unlikely to maintain your repayments over the medium to long-term, you may wish to seek advice from a qualified Financial Counsellor about the options available to you.