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We live in your world - April 2011

We live in your world - April 2011

We live in your world - April 2011

Our approach to sensitive sectors

We are reviewing our sensitive sector policies to ensure our involvement in complex industries remains consistent with our values, our corporate responsibility (CR) framework and takes account of feedback from stakeholders.

Our policies provide guidance to staff engaging with prospective and existing clients in socially and environmentally sensitive sectors, such as water, forestry, energy, and mining and minerals.

Pham Minh Diep is a relationship manager in our Hanoi corporate banking business and says that the policies should provide practical, on-the-ground guidance when making lending decisions.

“The policies cover very complex sectors. There are many factors to consider from a business and reputational risk point of view, so it’s critical that we know there is an agreed ANZ policy governing and guiding our involvement,” she said.

The review of our four sensitive sector policies, will include stakeholder consultation and take place throughout 2011. It aims to deliver consolidated, concise policy documents that are user-friendly and provide effective guidance to relationship managers and risk officers across our business.

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The process and outcomes of the review will be reported in our 2011 Shareholder and CR Review and on our website.  

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