Additional terminal or Merchant number request

Order an additional terminal(s) to an existing outlet.
Set up an additional outlet and nominate new bank accounts for the settlement of debits and credits.

Account administration

Advise of a change of business ownership.
Advise of a change in your bank account details (debits and/or credits).
Advise of a change in trading name and/or company name.
Advise of a change in the signatories of your company.
Advise of a change in trading and/or postal address.
Make a miscellaneous change or enquiry to an account.
Provide authority to debit and/or credit a joint account.
Request to close a single merchant facility or all merchant facilities under a single Chain ID.

Transaction management

Request a refund of a merchant fee.
Obtain a full list of transactions for a specific time period.
Trace any unclear merchant related transactions that have been credited or debited from your merchant bank account.
Order a reprint of your merchant monthly statement.
Re-process a transaction that has declined and/or if you require a letter to be sent to the cardholder.
Transfer settlements that have been credited to the wrong account (i.e. change of ownership, incorrect configuration of terminals).

American Express (AMEX) / Diners request

Accept AMEX and/or Diners cards.

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