ISDA Disclosure Statements & Annexes

The link below contains the 'ISDA Disclosure Statements and Annexes' documents (together, the "ISDA Dodd-Frank Disclosure") for the following disclosures:

Latest ISDA disclosures can be found on the ISDA website.

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Swap Disclosures

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited is registered as a non-US swap dealer with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (“CFTC”) a US regulator. As a swap dealer, ANZ is required to make certain disclosures to its counterparties prior to entering to a swap.

CFTC regulation 23.431 requires that ANZ make certain disclosures in a manner reasonably designed to allow our counterparty to assess the material characteristics of the particular swap, which shall include the material economic terms of the swap. The material economic terms that would generally apply to certain types of transactions are set out below:

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