ANZ Group Archive is the Melbourne-based repository for ANZ's archives; a separate repository is also based in Wellington, New Zealand. ANZ's archives are recognised as a collection of international significance providing information on the economic, social, political, family and local history of Australia and New Zealand spanning the last 170 years.

The archive was established in 1951 with the formation of Australia and New Zealand Bank Limited. The collection focus is restricted to the records of the administration of ANZ and its predecessors and does not include customer records. The collection is predominantly paper-based and comprises minutes, reports, correspondence, legal documents, accounting records, personnel records, photographs, architects' drawings, audio-visual recordings and other artefacts.

Holdings include records of the following major forebears:

A limited research service is provided to the public for minor historical enquiries. Access to the archive is granted on discretion for major or post-graduate research; researchers are required to sign an access agreement.

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General historical records about ANZ (Australia)

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General historical records about ANZ (New Zealand)

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General historical records about The National Bank of New Zealand

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General information about ANZ, including current day statistics and organisational structure is also available at About us.