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Important security tips for safe online banking

  • Access your bank website only by typing the url in the address bar of your browser
  • Do not click on any links in any email message to access the site
  • ANZ Bank never sends email and embedded links asking you to update or verify personal, confidential and security details. Never respond to such emails/phone calls/sms if you receive
  • Look out for any unusual changes to your login screen or login procedure when you use internet banking as it may be a link to a phishing site
  • Verify when accessing products and services offered by the financial institution that the browser session is secure. This can be verified by ensuring the webpage begins with “https:” rather than “http:”, and the security lock is displayed on the bottom right of the browser
  • Do not share your Login ID & password with anyone
  • Notify the bank immediately if your smartcard/ token is lost or stolen.

Tips to improve your internet security

  • Download up to date antivirus software and scan your computer on regular basis
  • Update your computer with newer version of Operating System (e.g Windows) with latest security patches
  • Enable the firewall & antivirus in your computer
  • Change your password at periodical intervals
  • Avoid accessing internet banking accounts from cyber cafes or shared PCs
  • Download updates to browser and browser plug-ins regularly
  • Avoid visiting unknown and unsecured websites. Do not open unknown or suspicious attachments, even if they are from senders you know
  • Check transactions carefully on ANZ Transactive before you approve them
  • Please do not respond to emails or phone calls claiming to be from the bank and asking you for your password or security token codes. The bank will never phone you or send you emails asking for your password or security token codes.

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