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Internet Banking

ANZ Internet Banking is a secure way to access your ANZ accounts, anywhere in the world via the internet. With ANZ Internet Banking you can do everything you’d expect and more including:

  • view your linked ANZ account balances and transaction history on all accounts, including term deposits and loans, free of charge
  • transfer funds between your linked ANZ accounts (with no limit)
  • log on between 6am-10.30pm local time*
  • schedule recurring or future dated payments
  • request duplicate statements and download transaction history
  • request cheque book orders
  • view foreign exchange rates
  • pay bills** to billers who are registered with ANZ
  • pay other bank accounts in the Samoa**
  • transfer funds internationally via a telegraphic transfer.

Businesses can also:

  • maintain employee payroll lists
  • make payroll payments.

How to register

Download and complete the ANZ Internet Banking Registration form below.

You can link ANZ accounts to ANZ Internet Banking, however you can only link ANZ accounts that you are authorised to access.

Drop your completed registration form into any ANZ branch.

Our staff will verify your identity and register you for ANZ Internet Banking.

Within 5-10 days you’ll receive a letter with your registration details.

Call the ANZ Internet Banking Support Centre to obtain your temporary password to activate ANZ Internet Banking.

Registration forms

Maintenance forms – for amendments to ANZ Internet Banking

To add or change how your ANZ accounts are linked via ANZ Internet Banking then complete an ANZ Internet Banking maintenance form and submit at your local ANZ Branch.

Additional information for business customers

With ANZ Internet Banking there are some extra features for business customers such as:

  • You can have two ANZ Internet Banking User IDs to separate your business accounts from your personal accounts. If you require access to both your ANZ personal and business accounts, you need to complete both registration forms and drop them in to your local ANZ branch. 
  • You have the ability to authorise someone known to you, usually your employees, access to the business’s ANZ Internet Banking linked accounts as an authorised user. There are two types of access that can be granted and the account holder must nominate whether that person will be given 'value' or 'non value' access.
  • Diskpay is available to you through ANZ Internet Banking if you have an existing Diskpay agreement in place. Diskpay is a convenient salary paying service for employers.

To find out more about business functionality with ANZ Internet Banking, call ANZ Internet Banking Support Centre or visit your local ANZ Branch.

Contact us

Call +685 69999

8.00am - 5.00pm
Monday - Friday

Visit a branch

Find a local ANZ branch.

Eligibility criteria and terms and conditions apply to ANZ Internet Banking. See our ANZ Internet Banking Terms and Conditions (PDF, 108kB) for more information.

* Access may also be disrupted temporarily for reasons beyond our control, such as equipment or system failure.

**Transactions completed via ANZ Internet Banking may incur transaction fees. Refer to your ANZ Fees and Charges Customer Banking Services Samoa July 2020 (PDF 161kB) brochure for further details.