ANZ strongly recommends that you install and maintain security software* on your computer. Security software includes firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam and anti-spyware protection.

It's important to keep this software up-to-date and perform regular scans of your computer to help protect you from such threats as viruses, spyware, spam and generally safeguard your personal information.

A number of different providers produce complete security software packages. ANZ encourages you to review all packages available in assessing which security software is best for you.

* No protection software will completely guarantee against unauthorised access or virus contamination, but it may increase the security of your computer systems.

Security software 30 day free trial

The offer for Security software is not an offer or endorsement from ANZ. Reference to a vendor’s product is intended for explicit description only. Using the link will take you to a website external to ANZ. ANZ does not receive commission from the sale of any software.

Norton Security Premium

Norton’s best protection, plus PC backup and family safety features.

  • Safeguards your identity and online transactions
  • Provides tools to help your kids safely explore the Internet
  • Offers 25 GB of secure PC cloud backup, providing additional protection against ransomware
Norton security premium