At ANZ, we’re doing whatever we can to make using your ANZ credit card overseas easier.

If you want to get the most out of your credit card on your next trip overseas, our credit card travel tips could help you. Managing your ANZ credit card while you’re away could be a lot easier than you think.

Or, if you prefer to use your own funds when you travel, an ANZ Travel Card gives you access to your own money and the convenience of using your card anywhere Prepaid Visa cards are accepted electronically.

Bon voyage!

Travel credit card tips - before you go

1. Let us know before you go.

For peace of mind, provide ANZ your overseas travel itinerary using ANZ Internet Banking.  That way, we know when you have used your credit card and other ANZ accounts overseas.  This helps avoid transactions being stopped by ANZ Falcon™ on your accounts when we detect overseas purchases.

Lodging your travel details is easy to do:

  • simply log onto ANZ Internet Banking
  • select ‘SecureMail’
  • select ‘Create Message’
  • select ‘Inform ANZ of your international travel plans’ and provide us your details.
2. Get a PIN for your credit card.

Many countries now have security chip technology and require a PIN instead of a signature to authorise transactions on a credit card. Without a PIN, a merchant could decline a transaction when you try to use your credit card overseas. If you have forgotten or do not currently have a PIN, contact us to arrange for one ahead of time.

3. Take more than one card.

Depending on your circumstances, you may wish to consider taking additional ANZ cards, like an ANZ Access Visa Debit card and/or an ANZ Travel Card. This can also help when using ATMs that don’t let you choose between transaction accounts and credit accounts to withdraw money, which may lead to additional transaction fees being incurred on your accounts.

4. Take backup funds in a variety of forms.

When you land in a foreign country, it’s good to have funds available in a variety of forms, and to have a small amount of local currency for small purchases. It’s worthwhile hiding some funds away in case of an emergency.

5. Set up ANZ Internet Banking, ANZ Phone Banking or ANZ Mobile Banking before you go.

Managing your accounts using ANZ Internet Banking, ANZ Phone Banking or ANZ Mobile Banking* can be both cost effective and convenient.

6. Set up automatic monthly credit card payments.

Not only is it convenient, but it also ensures that monthly credit card bills get paid on time and can help avoid unintended late payment fees. You can set up a future monthly payment on your ANZ Internet Banking.

7. Apply for new or replacement credit cards before you travel.

Applying for new and replacement credit cards early in the planning stages of a trip can help to relieve any last minute anxiety. You can do this by calling us on 13 22 73.

8. Purchase insurance.

The saying ‘If you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to go’ holds true. If you have ANZ Platinum, ANZ Low Rate Platinum, ANZ Rewards Platinum, ANZ Rewards Black , ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum or ANZ Frequent Flyer Black cards you may have the benefit of coverage with Overseas travel and medical insurance**.

9. Take important ANZ phone numbers with you.

Some important ANZ telephone numbers are listed below.

10. Check the expiry date on credit cards before you go.

A credit card expiring overseas is an avoidable oversight that could also prove to be an annoying and costly inconvenience. If your card is close to expiring, call us on 13 22 73 to arrange for new cards before you go.

Travel credit card tips - while you're away

Other handy hints and tips

Know where your credit cards are at all times. For example, when you're in a restaurant, if possible walk to the counter or cash register to pay your bill instead of giving your credit card to the waiter, and never leave your credit card behind a bar.

If a merchant attempts to swipe your credit card through more than one machine, question the merchant and contact ANZ immediately if you suspect fraud.

If your credit card is lost or stolen, or you believe someone has unlawfully obtained or used your card details, it is essential you contact ANZ immediately. We will then put a stop on your credit card, preventing it from being used, and can arrange for the credit card to be replaced.

Consider whether a temporary credit card limit increase may suit your needs as a quick and easy way to access additional funds in an emergency while you're overseas.

Take an ANZ Travel Card as an additional way to access your money overseas, wherever Visa is accepted electronically. We recommend you keep your ANZ Travel Cards (primary and backup) separate, so that if one card is lost or stolen you can continue to access your money with the second card.

Keep all your receipts until you have reconciled your credit card statements. If you have a query or concern about any transactions on your statement, contact ANZ immediately.

Keep your credit card PIN secure and never disclose it to anyone or allow anyone to see you entering or overhear you providing it. Never write down your credit card PIN and, if you change your PIN, avoid choosing obvious numbers like your birth date or phone number or sequential numbers like 1234.

Keep us up to date with your immediate contact details, to make sure we can contact you while you are overseas.

Carry your credit and cash in a concealed money belt or other secure pocket to make access harder for thieves.

Keep a small amount of cash hidden away for emergencies.

Make photocopies of your passport and other important documents such as visas and insurance policies to take with you, email scanned copies to your personal email account and leave copies with someone at home.

Some merchants (such as hotels and car hire companies) may perform a temporary pre-authorisation transaction on your credit card as an estimate of the final bill or as a security deposit. Be aware that when this happens, your available credit will be reduced temporarily.

Register with the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade so that you can be contacted in an emergency and read the dedicated website for travel advice and information before you go.

 Important ANZ Contact Numbers

Please note: call charges may apply from overseas. Please contact your phone or handset operator for more information.

ANZ Australian call centre

Telephone icon
13 22 73 from Australia
Telephone icon
+61 3 9683 7043 from overseas (reverse charges via international operator)

To report stolen or lost items to ANZ

Telephone icon
1800 022 043 from Australia
Telephone icon
+61 3 9683 7043 from overseas (reverse charges via international operator)

ANZ Travel Card Customer Service

Telephone icon
1800 094 003 from Australia
Telephone icon
+613 9683 7777 from oversea


ANZ Travel Overseas Brochure (PDF 252kB) outlines how ANZ provides a one-stop-shop for all your foreign exchange and insurance needs, making it easy for you to manage your travel money.

Eligibility criteria apply to issue of an ANZ Access Visa Debit card. Please contact us for further information.

Any advice does not take into account your personal needs and financial circumstances and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you.

* Additional carrier charges may apply for the receipt of text messages (SMS) overseas and data usage. Please contact your mobile phone carrier for activation of international roaming and associated fees and charges. For ANZ Phone Banking, international call rates will apply. Any such charges are solely the responsibility of the user.

** The Overseas travel and medical insurance master policy, the Transport accident cover master policy and Rental excess cover master policy (the Master Policies) are issued by QBE Insurance Australia Limited ABN 78 003 191 035 AFSL 239545 to ANZ. Cover under the Master Policies is provided to eligible participating cardholders by operation of section 48 of the Insurance Contracts Act 1984 (Cth), The eligibility criteria which you must meet for each of the Master Policies is set out in the Premium Cards - insurances booklet (PDF 484kB) Part 1 QBE Product Disclosure Statement and policy wordings. When overseas, we recommend that you carry proof of that you have met the eligibility criteria. Any advice has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. You must decide whether or not it is appropriate, in light of your own circumstances, to act on this advice. You should ensure you obtain and consider the PDS before you make any decision to acquire it.

ANZ recommends you read the Financial Services Guide (PDF 104kB) before acquiring the product.

You need Adobe Reader to view PDF files. You can download Adobe Reader free of charge.