What happens if I get sick, have an accident or lose my job?

Want the security of knowing that your repayments will be met if you suddenly become unable to make them through accident, illness or involuntary unemployment? Get instant protection for you and your loan by taking out ANZ Loan Protection with your ANZ Personal Loan. As an added bonus, by taking out this protection with your loan, you instantly qualify for a 0.25% p.a. discount on the applicable interest rate, courtesy of ANZ.

No further interest rate discounts apply. Not valid with any other interest rate discount offer.

ANZ Loan Protection is co-issued by OnePath Life Limited (OnePath Life) ABN 33 009 657 176 and QBE Insurance (Australia) Ltd ABN 78 003 191 035.

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) (ABN 11 005 357 522) is an authorised deposit taking institution (bank) under the Banking Act 1959 (Cth). OnePath Life is owned by ANZ but it is not a bank. Except as set out in the issuer's contract terms (including the Product Disclosure Statement), this product is not a deposit or other liability of ANZ or its related group companies. None of them stands behind or guarantees the issuers. This general advice does not take into account your financial situation and needs and you should consider whether it is appropriate for you. ANZ recommends you read the ANZ Loan Protection Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide, available on anz.com before deciding to acquire or hold this product. View insurance disclaimer and important notes.

What can I use an ANZ Personal Loan for?

You can use an ANZ Personal loan for almost anything. For example:

  • a new or used car, motorcycle or scooter
  • holidays or travel
  • investments
  • debt consolidation such as combining multiple credit cards or other debts into one loan
  • to pay for education including school or university tuition fees
  • household goods, furniture or home improvements
  • lifestyle items such as a pool, boat, stereo or even a jet ski.
Is a variable or fixed rate best for me?

ANZ Variable Rate Personal Loan

A variable rate personal loan gives you the flexibility of knowing you can make repayments weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even make extra lump sum payments if you wish.

The more frequent your repayments, the more you'll save on interest and the sooner you can pay off your loan*.

ANZ Fixed Rate Personal Loan

With a fixed rate personal loan, the interest rate and repayments are set from the outset so you will have peace of mind knowing your repayments will remain the same for the whole term. Fees and charges apply for early repayments.
It protects you against any interest rate rises and you still have the flexibility of weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments. However, your repayment frequency must be decided at the time of your application.

Do I need to provide security for my loan?
The benefit of an unsecured personal loan is that you don't need to tie up any assets against your loan. So it gives you more freedom of choice on how to manage your finances and what you can use your loan for.
What is redraw?

ANZ Redraw allows you to instantly access the extra money you've repaid on your ANZ Variable Rate Personal Loan whenever you want, for whatever reason.  

  • It's free
  • It's simple
  • No credit assessment or approval needed
  • It does not change your minimum repayment amount
  • And you can have the money in your ANZ account instantly 

For full details, see ANZ's Consumer Lending terms and conditions brochure.

How do I redraw my available funds?
Just call 1800 801 485 between 8am and 8pm (EST).
Is a redraw facility available?
A redraw facility is available with ANZ Variable Rate Personal Loans, allowing you to redraw amounts up to the amount of any early or additional payments you have made. For full details, see ANZ's Consumer Lending terms and conditions brochure.
Are there any establishment or ongoing fees?
What are the minimum loan requirements?
The minimum loan amount for a personal loan is $5,000. ANZ's normal credit criteria apply to each application. Applicants need to be at least 18 years of age.
How is the interest calculated?
Interest is calculated on the unpaid daily balance of your loan. The rate applied each day is equal to your annual percentage rate applicable at the time, divided by 365. For advice on how frequently interest will be debited, refer to your Letter of Offer and ANZ Consumer Lending Terms and Conditions (PDF 440kB).
What is a Late Payment Fee?
We charge this for every month which all or any part of the loan repayment has been unpaid for five days or more, and then every further 30 days that repayments are overdue.
How do I know if my repayment is late?
You can see the payment due date and amount required in ANZ Internet Banking.
How do I bring my loan up to date?
If you miss a repayment and/or, in the case of a Direct Loan Payment or Periodical Payment, have insufficient funds in your account, you will need to make a repayment directly to the loan to bring your loan up to date. You can make the payment via ANZ Phone Banking, ANZ Internet Banking or by visiting any ANZ branch.
Does additional interest get charged if I miss a repayment?
Yes. Interest is calculated on the outstanding balance of your loan. If you miss a repayment on your loan, your outstanding balance does not reduce as scheduled under your repayment agreement and you may also have incurred a Late Payment Fee.
What do I do if I cannot make a payment?
Call 1800 337 919 (option 2) immediately and we will discuss the matter and see if we can come to an arrangement. We may be able to restructure your payments or work out a payment plan to help you manage your loan.

* A Deferred Establishment Fee will apply if you repay your Variable Rate Loan within 12 months of the date of advance.

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