Edit my Pay Anyone payee list

Your Pay Anyone payee list comprises of the recipients you have saved to your ANZ Internet Banking. When making a payment you can select previously saved recipients from your payee list and avoid filling in their details each time.

Once you have saved a payee you can edit their details or delete them at any stage.

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Use our frequently asked questions to find out more about managing your Pay Anyone payee list.

How do I save a payee to my Pay Anyone payee list?

If you want to save a payee's details to your Pay Anyone payee list, you need their account details including BSB number (six digit number), account number and account name. 

  • You will also need to create a payee nickname to help you identify the payee for future transfers.
Do I need to save the payee?

No, however if you choose to save the payee, their details will be stored in your Pay Anyone payee list. 

This means their details will automatically be displayed in the “Select a payee to transfer to section of the “Pay Anyone” page. So if you need to transfer money to their account again, you can simply select them and their details will be filled automatically.

What if the payee's details change?

If the payee's bank details have changed, you can choose to edit the payee.

  • Go to your “Profile” menu
  • Select “Manage payees”.
  • Select the payee you wish to edit.
  • Update their details and select “Save”.
  • You can update the BSB number (financial institution number), account number, account name and payee nickname.
  • Once you edit the payee's details it will be updated immediately within the same ANZ Internet Banking session.
Can I delete a payee?

Yes. You can delete a payee from the Pay Anyone payee list any time.

  • Go to your “Profile” menu
  • Select “Manage payees”.
  • Select the payee you wish to delete
  • Select “Delete” icon
  • Select “Delete” to delete payee immediately

Please note you cannot delete a payee if there is a future or recurring payment scheduled for that person.

  • You must first cancel the scheduled payments.

If you wish to delete a future dated or recurring payment, the request must be lodged with ANZ Internet Banking prior to 11.59pm Melbourne time on the day prior to the payment date.

Does the payee need to have an ANZ account?

No. The payee does not need to have an ANZ account. 

  • The Pay Anyone function within ANZ Internet Banking will allow you to transfer funds from your ANZ account to an account with any Australian financial institution (bank, building society, credit union, etc).
  • All you need is the BSB number, account number and account name of the payee.

Need more help?

For further assistance please call the ANZ Internet Banking team on 13 33 50 (International callers: +61 3 9683 8833) 24 hours a day, seven days a week.