We have useful guides and tools you can refer to when you require additional information to assist with growing your commercial business.  

ANZ Business Insights
This tool is insightful for merchant customers compiling analytical data from over 20 million ANZ merchant transactions that occur every week. ANZ Business Insights gives you free access to real time data and online reports that can provide information relevant to your business, such as:

  • Sales patterns/trends
  • Your performance relative to your local area/industry
  • Where your customers are coming from
  • Customer profiles

Find out more by logging onto ANZ Business Insights.

Give your business the edge with ANZ and Xero Accounting
ANZ has formed a partnership with an innovative software provider, to distribute its online accounting services to ANZ customers in Australia. Start taking control of your business and try Xero today.

Register now at the Small Business Hub.

The Small Business Hub
The Small Business Hub, powered by ANZ, is a powerful resource designed specifically for your small business. ANZ understands small businesses and The Small Business Hub aims to provide you with all the expert advice, tools and information you need. Whether you're planning, starting, managing or growing your small business, there's something here for you.

How your clients can benefit:

  • Small business resources - Get new ideas through hundreds of articles, downloadable solution guides, videos and podcasts
  • Small business news - Receive updates via our newsletter, sent directly to your email
  • Small business courses - Complete tailored online courses to suit you and your business
  • Small business tools - Take advantage of our handy Templates, learn from our valuable Business Insights (free access to data and reports relevant to your business) and read up on Xero online accounting software
  • Small business blog - See what industry experts have to say
  • Small business specialists - Find your local ANZ specialist and get a free A-Z Review

Find out more by registering at the Small Business Hub.


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