ANZ’s Corporate Sustainability Framework distinguishes between three key areas of the sustainability agenda that are distinctive to ANZ, and five ‘Licence to Operate’ areas we consider essential to a large company operating in a sustainable, responsible and ethical way.

Our three key areas are:

  • Sustainable development: Integrating social and environmental considerations into our business decisions, products and services to help our customers achieve their sustainability ambitions and deliver long term value for all our stakeholders.
  • Diversity and inclusion: Building the most diverse and inclusive workforce of any major bank in our region to help us innovate, identify new markets, connect with customers and make better, more informed decisions for our business.
  • Financial inclusion and capability: Building the financial capability of people across our region to promote financial inclusion and progression of individuals and communities.

Our Licence to Operate areas include commitments to ensure that ANZ’s customers, people and suppliers, the communities in which we operate and the environment are treated in a manner befitting a responsible corporate citizen.

Sustainability Framework