Flexibility is critical to enabling our super regional strategy. It is key to us attracting and retaining top talent, and facilitating the agility and productivity we need to succeed as a business.

In February 2015 ANZ's CEO announced ‘all roles flexible' for 'anyone for any reason' in Australia, New Zealand, Bengaluru and Hong Kong. We aim to have flexible working policies in place for a minimum of 90% of ANZ geographies by 2018. 

At ANZ, flexibility relates to formal and informal flexible working practices including how, when and where work is conducted. It recognises that rigid working patterns do not always suit our customers and that we need to support our people in achieving results in the most productive way possible, while balancing personal commitments.

ANZ’s flexible work options include: flexible work locations, job share, informal ad-hoc arrangements,  part time work, flexible hours, flexible start and finish times and different types of personal leave.