Our approach

We aim to create a culture where mature-aged workers and their experience are valued. We want to retain skills and experience, increase our talent pool, and build a workforce that reflects our customers and the community.

In Australia, the 50+ age group also makes up a significant proportion of customers, and is likely to increase to 57% by 2021, making it an increasingly important customer segment for our business to understand and serve effectively. Our research indicates the 50+ segment are looking for a bank that listens to their individual needs and provides overall solutions based on their specific life-stage needs.

Key elements

Our Career Extension Policy guarantees part-time work for individual employees aged 55 and over; and in 2010, we developed a Retirement Banking Specialist program that provides specialist training to Personal Bankers about customers aged over 50, including their life-stage and financial needs.

2013 results
Age diversity at ANZ 2013
Total number of ANZ employees over the age of 55 3,555 (7%)
Of this total number, percentage of part time and casual employees 34.6%
Of this total number, percentage of full time employees 65.4%
The annual turnover amongst this age group for the year 19.9%

All figures reported are accurate as at end September 2013

2012 results

At the end of the 2012 financial year, around 3,600 (around 7%) of ANZ employees were over the age of 55.  Of these, 5.16% employees were casual, 30.6% part time and 64.78% full time.  The annual turnover amongst this age group for the year was 21.6%.

We have policies and programs in place to provide our all employees with the support that they require to balance their work and life goals and commitments.