Learning and development

Our approach

Our people development strategy ensures we attract, nurture and retain the very best people, creating an environment where they can perform effectively and contribute to the delivery of our super regional strategy. We develop our employees for success in their role; to be truly customer-centric; and for skills that will enhance their ability, including leadership skills, to relate to others inside and outside the work environment.

Our learning and development opportunities include:

We examine individual learning needs and consider options to achieve a balance between the needs of the learner, the time frames in which skills are needed, the geographic spread of our people, and the depth of skill transfer or change management.

We work with a wide range of partners to ensure the learning we offer is international in scope, incorporates leading-edge approaches, and is made available to our people wherever they are located.

At any one time, we also have a number of employees on temporary international assignments or who move permanently across the 33 countries in which we operate. This enables key people to build a ‘wide angle lens’.

Key elements

Our learning approach focuses on building core capabilities for our business:

2013 results

2013 results

Learning at ANZ 2013
Annual investment in learning ($) $46,089,877
Annual investment in learning (hours) $1,038,873
Learning investment per full time equivalent employee $943
Average annual investment in learning hours per FTE 21.9
Number of course completions 684,883

All figures reported are accurate as at end September 2013