Leadership and talent

Our approach

We value and invest in developing ‘Inspiring Leadership’.

Broadening perspectives and developing international mindsets and experience is a core capability we are also strengthening through key talent and leadership development programs. We develop our leaders to have well-rounded experiences and balanced capabilities, make decisions in line with our values and ethics, and lead with a ‘wide-angle lens’. In 2013, 71% of our most senior leaders have significant international experience. 

In addition, key talent development initiatives are geared to ensure long term successors for business critical roles and that we have the necessary diversity, capability, experience, connections and leadership styles needed in our business over the long term.

All approaches to developing our talent share common approaches and processes, and this includes:

Key elements

Our approach to Enterprise Leadership

Our approach to Enterprise Leadership ensures a clear and agreed understanding of our expectations of leaders to be values-led, well-rounded in their experience and to lead with a ‘wide-angled’ lens on the world.

Leadership learning

From first-time people managers to the most senior leaders of our global business, we provide leadership learning to support every stage of the leadership journey, known as our Leadership Pathway. Leaders undertake world class leadership development that is linked to our super regional strategy. Our approach to learning combines on-the-job experiences, feedback, learning through others and formal learning programs. In 2013, ANZ was acknowledged as among the world's best for our unique approach to leadership development, through the Bersin WhatWorks Awards for Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders and Leveraging Best Practice.

Case study: Broadening Leaders’ Perspective

Case study: Broadening Leaders’ Perspective

In 2013, 16 people from our community partners Brotherhood of St Laurence, The Smith Family, Australian Volunteers International and Berry Street took part in a Leadership Pathway program.  

Many positive insights for both ANZ and community partner participants have emerged. ANZ participant Senior Product Manager Alasdair Walker said: “The external view from the Brotherhood of St Laurence participant added some perspective around our challenges not being specific to ANZ. Ultimately, we each were able to draw from the experiences of others, while gaining a greater understanding of ourselves.”

ANZ Corporate Lawyer Emma Rattray added: “I really enjoyed working with Shona from The Smith Family as part of the Team Leader Development Program.  I found the different perspectives that Shona offered to be really valuable as I considered how best to apply the course learnings to my own role and development.”

Cathy Adams, National Manager Learning and Development at The Smith Family said: “The ANZ Leadership programs have enabled team members of The Smith Family to participate in high quality programs to enhance their leadership capabilities. It has also been a great opportunity to strengthen the partnership between The Smith Family and ANZ as well as deepen the understanding of both organisations and their work.  Team members from The Smith Family feel privileged to have the opportunity and our organisation is extremely grateful and appreciative of ANZ’s generosity.”

Talent Development

Talent management at ANZ is a structured process of identifying, assessing, developing and deploying high potential employees. The objective is to systematically improve the depth and breadth of our leadership team for the future.

We invest in talent identification and development from entry level to senior executives - taking both an enterprise and divisional perspective. This approach includes our Generalist Bankers – high potential emerging leaders with the potential to be a Country CEO or Business Unit Head in the future - and the ANZ Graduate Program, which identifies and develops high potential graduates. 

We have a consistent approach to understand capability, assess potential, succession plan and action plan. Characteristics of future leaders include:

Generalist Bankers Program

The Generalist Bankers Program provides high potential employees with an opportunity to develop their career as a future senior generalist banker with ANZ in roles such as Country CEO or Business Unit head.

Participants are placed on a two-year rotational program across multiple banking disciplines and in seven cities in our Asia Pacific network. Each has access to a senior mentor, an executive sponsor and opportunities to work with our Management Board members. They participate in technical training (both e-learning and facilitated) as well as a series of development forums to ensure they are building their leadership skills.

For more information about our Generalist Bankers Program, visit the Generalist Bankers site.

Our results

2013 results

2013 results

Leadership Pathway Participation at ANZ 2013
Total employees participating 1,858
Female participation out of the total participants 45.5%

All figures reported are accurate as at end September 2013

Generalist Bankers at ANZ 2013
Total participant intake 11
Female participant intake 47%
Percentage of participants with Asian Language capability 73%
Number from Australian Indigenous background 0
Number from New Zealand Maori background 0
Number with a self-disclosed disability 0

All figures reported are accurate as at end September 2013

2012 results

2012 results

ANZ has a clear ambition to become a super regional bank. To achieve our goals, we need to build the right capabilities to deliver ANZ's strategy and help our people reach their full potential.

We develop our people for success by ensuring they have the right skills and knowledge to succeed and outperform in their current role, while providing ongoing learning and development to support every stage of an employee's career.

This year we invested significantly in our core Leadership Pathway programs which target entry level managers through to enterprise leaders, and provide comprehensive training in the skills and competencies required to lead at ANZ.

More than 3,700 people have participated in the program since its inception in December 2010. In 2012, 1,483 employees worldwide participated in our Leadership Pathway program, 666 of these (45%) are women.

We also introduced a new Enterprise Talent approach in 2012. This process targets executive employees, and of the 2012 participants, 52% are female and 14% are from an Asian or Pacific cultural background.

2011 results

2011 results

Over the past 12 months, 56% of senior executive appointments to Business Critical roles were internal, versus 40% in the preceding 12 months. Additionally, all Management Board roles have at least one and in most cases two ready now internal successor/s identified.

More than 2300 people have participated in our Leadership Pathway program since its inception in December 2010.

The total number of senior executives that have attended leadership development programs since October 2010 is now 128, including five Executive Leadership Programs and one higher level Super Regional Leaders Program.

Approximately 16,000 management and leadership courses were undertaken by staff in 2011.

There are 579 employees worldwide on our Leadership Talent Radar, 218 (37.65%) of these are women.

Talent Radar participants by gender

Country Male Female Total
Australia 204 146 350
New Zealand 66 23 89
Asia 57 38 95
Pacific 7 3 10
India 20 7 27
Europe 3 1 4
America 4 0 4
Middle East 0 0 0
Total 391 218 579
In 2011, 12 people from our Pacific business took part in our Lead the Future program.
2010 results

2010 results

In 2010, we revised our criteria for identifying outstanding leadership potential which resulted in a smaller number of Radar participants than in previous years. This will enable us to deliver a high-quality program with more customised development.

An additional 16,000 management and leadership courses were undertaken by staff in 2010.

There are 588 employees worldwide on our Leadership Talent Radar, 224 (38%) of these are women.

Talent Radar participants by gender and region

Region Male Female Total
Australia 199 148 347
New Zealand 72 22 94
APEA* 93 54 147
Total 364 244 588

Additionally, in 2010, 10 people from our Pacific business took part in our Lead the Future program.

* Includes Asia Pacific, Europe and America.

2009 results

2009 results

There are currently 730 employees worldwide on the Talent Radar, 43% of which are women.

Talent Radar participants by region

Country Number
Australia 482
New Zealand 165
Asia Pacific (includes India) 77
Other 6
Total 730
2008 results

2008 results

In 2007, a new global Talent Radar was launched replacing previous talent programs that existed at Group, functional, divisional and business unit level. There are currently 862 employees worldwide on the Radar, 41.7% of which are women.

Talent Radar participants by region

Country Number
Australia 545
New Zealand 224
Asia Pacific (includes India) 84
Other 9
Total 862