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We live in your world - March 2011

We live in your world - March 2011

Guiding responsible lending decisions

Guiding responsible lending decisions

A new, mandatory training program is helping our corporate banking staff to take greater account of social and environmental risks and opportunities when making credit decisions.

Staff who complete the course – those responsible for making corporate lending decisions - learn about social and environmental risk analysis and how our sensitive sector policies should guide our decisions.  The course also provides guidance for staff as to when they need to seek more information from clients or within ANZ, before making a decision.

Paula Fraser, in our business equipment lending team, has completed the training.

“It was very useful, with good industry examples and was a great refresher in understanding the social and environmental risks to be considered.” she said.

“In a practical sense even when a prospective client meets all regulatory requirements, that is not always enough, as any credit approval needs to consider the potential risk to ANZ’s reputation,” Paula said.

Pete Laurent, ANZ’s Chief Wholesale Credit Officer, says the training course will help drive responsible lending decisions.

“Assessing social and environmental risk is complex, there are a lot of grey areas.  The training will help staff have a clear understanding of our responsible lending policies, takes them through how to apply the policies when assessing social and environmental risks and explains escalation points – when staff should seek further advice and input from specialists across the bank.”

“The course was developed to support our public commitment to drive responsible growth across the business and will contribute to improving the consistency of our credit decisions as well as minimise ANZ’s exposure to reputation risk,” Pete said.

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