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With ANZ goMoney you can do your everyday banking anywhere, using your mobile phone. You don’t need an internet connection but do require an active mobile connection with Digicel. ANZ goMoney gives you fast, convenient and secure access to your money.

With ANZ goMoney you can:

  • Send money to family and friends - they don’t need to be an ANZ customer or even have a bank account (Send Money payments)
  • Recipients can redeem a ‘Send money’ voucher at any goMoney merchant
  • Transfer money instantly to other ANZ goMoney users (Person to Person payments)
  • Withdraw and deposit cash at any ANZ goMoney merchant
  • Make purchases at any ANZ goMoney merchant
  • Pay bills (to our registered billers)
  • Transfer money between your ANZ accounts
  • Stay on top of your money and view your last 10 transactions
  • Buy mobile phone credit from Digicel
  • Bank in your language (choose English or your local language, whichever you prefer).

Normal account and transaction fees and mobile service provider fees may apply. Please refer to the ANZ goMoney Customer rate card (PDF 104kB) for details.

Safe and secure

ANZ goMoney is protected by a 4-digit mobile PIN that only you know. You’ll need to authorise every transaction with your PIN – so your money and account details are protected even if your mobile phone is lost or stolen. No banking or account information is stored on your phone.

Keep PINs secret

  • Don’t write them down, never disclose them to anyone (including ANZ or the police).
  • Take care not to let anyone see them (e.g. by shielding your mobile phone when entering your PIN). 
  • Make PINs hard to guess, change them regularly and make them different from other PINs.

For more about what we do to help protect you, and what you can do to help protect yourself, visit our Protect your banking section.

How to get set up

Signing up to get started with ANZ goMoney is simple. 

Step 1: You’ll need an ANZ bank account. If you’re new to ANZ, speak with a Sales Agent in your area about getting your own ANZ bank account – call our Contact Centre.
Step 2: 
You’ll need an active mobile phone with our selected network operator Digicel.
Step 3: If you’re an existing ANZ customer, 
visit your nearest ANZ branch or call our Contact Centre.

– they’ll sign you up and get you started with ANZ goMoney in minutes!

Questions and more information

The provision of products and services is subject to the laws and regulations, and ANZ's banking license in, the country in which the product or service is offered:

  • In Samoa, ANZ is ANZ Bank (Samoa) Limited.

  • In the Solomon Islands, ANZ is Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited, Solomon Island Branch.

  • In Vanuatu, ANZ is ANZ Bank (Vanuatu) Limited.

ANZ goMoney™ is a trademark of ANZ.

ANZ goMoney™ is provided by Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) 2013. ABN 11 005 357 522. 

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