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Important information about ANZ in Guam

On March 31, 2022, ANZ announced it would exit US community banking in Guam to strengthen its focus on its core Pacific markets.

This was a difficult decision for ANZ and we are committed to supporting our customers and staff through this transition.


Informing customers

We contacted all customers of ANZ Guam via letter to inform them of this decision.


Frequently asked questions


We closed all accounts on February 8, 2023. All unclaimed deposit account funds were sent via cashier’s check mailed to the account holder’s address we had on file.

If you didn't receive your cashier's check, indicating the amount and payee name.

No, change of address requests are no longer accepted or actioned.

No, we no longer issue bank statements.

No, this service is no longer available.

All Safe Deposit Boxes have been emptied. Email us at to claim the contents of your Safe Deposit Box.

You will need to deposit your cashier’s check with another bank before July 31, 2023. Otherwise, it will be cancelled.

If you haven't yet received your cashier's check, email indicating the amount and payee name that was on it.

Email us at stating the amount and payee name that was on your check.

No, but your final bank statement confirms the account balance as at the date the account was closed.