Guidelines for completing your ANZ Mortgagor and Witness Acknowledgement form

The ANZ Mortgagor and Witness Acknowledgement form is completed by an independent witness to confirm the identity of the mortgagors.
The witness who completes and signs this form must be the same person who witnesses the signing of your ANZ Mortgage Document.

  • To identify an acceptable witness, please refer to Page 2 of this form.
To assist you in completing this document, we've marked Location Icon in the sample document to the left to identify key areas for completion. To get started, simply click on the Location Icon to view.
Step 1:
Each mortgagor must read and accept this acknowledgement by initialling in the space provided.
Step 2:
Your witness must sign and date as per execution date of the mortgage document.
Step 3:
Your witness identifies you in one of three ways described.
Step 4:
Your witness must sign and complete their name, address and occupation details.

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