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Securing a financial future is always important. With an ANZ Retail Term Deposit, you can make your money work for you and help make that dream a reality.

With an ANZ Retail Term Deposit you have flexible payment options. You can choose to:

Start building the financial security you've been dreaming of today. It's easy, and we can help.

Features at a glance

Account features Benefits
Minimum deposit $500 Please refer to your nearest ANZ branch.
Flexible interest payments   Your interest can be paid monthly, quarterly, six monthly, yearly or at maturity depending on the deposit term selected to suit your needs.
Competitive interest rates guaranteed  Earning you a higher interest* return than traditional savings accounts for the term of your investment.
Top-up at maturity Add additional funds when re-investing your investment to maximise the return on your deposit.
Terms to suit your needs You can choose an investment period that best suits your needs ranging between 30 days to five years.
Automatic re-investment You can conveniently re-invest with no fuss at the end of the term.
Deposits over $100,000 Interest rates are updated daily to reflect the latest market conditions. Thus interest rates are negotiable depending on the deposit amount invested.

Open an account now

Open your Retail Term Deposit Account by visiting your local ANZ branch or call +679 3213 000 to speak to an ANZ Customer Relations specialist today.

* Interest rates are subject to change. Check with your ANZ branch for current interest rates.

All lending is subject to ANZ's normal credit approval criteria. Terms and conditions available upon request. Fees and charges apply.