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We all have goals, dreams and aspirations. Maybe you want to save for a home, an overseas trip, your children's education or a new car. Perhaps you're simply saving for a rainy day.

Whatever it is you want, the hardest part can often be saving the money to get it.

An ANZ Progress Saver Account is designed to help you reach your savings goal more quickly, with great features such as earning competitive interest above normal interest bearing savings accounts, and built-in spending safeguard features.

It also offers the flexibility for you to access your funds when you need it with an ANZ Access Debit Card. So don't be afraid to save for fear of being locked out of your money. With an ANZ Progress Saver Account, you can save when you can, and tap into your funds when you really need to.

Features at a glance

Account features Benefits
Serious Saver
  • Competitively priced higher interest above normal interest-bearing savings accounts
  • Built-in spending safe guard features
  • Higher interest is paid as long as you make no more than one withdrawal per month.

Open an account now

Open your ANZ Progress Saver Account by visiting your local ANZ branch or call +679 3213 000 to speak to an ANZ Customer Relations specialist today.

Terms and conditions available upon request. Fees and charges apply.