0 time + 0 hassle = ANZ Autopay. Let ANZ Credit Card take care of your monthly bills.

At ANZ, we understand that your time is valuable. Now, just one-time registration brings you the convenience of recurring monthly bill payment automatically, on-time and all the time via your ANZ Credit Card.

Apply for ANZ Credit Card AutoPay Service. Happy shopping with Lotte vouchers.

Receive Lotte vouchers to enjoy shopping at Lotte Mart when registering successfully ANZ AutoPay service*! From 1 November – 12 December, receive Lotte voucher valued of VND100,000 for 2 successful registered bills, and Lotte voucher valued of VND200,000 for from 3 successful bills.

Completing the Registration Form with signature (PDF 76kB), sending to ask@anz.com or submit at any ANZ branch.

* Apply for new registration of ANZ AutoPay service

ANZ AutoPay comes with a number of advantages:

Service is currently available for post-paid mobile (MobiFone, VinaPhone, Viettel), fixed line (Viettel, SST), ADSL (Viettel, SST)*

Complete the register form (PDF 76kB) with your signature and send by post to ANZ designated address in the form or submit at ANZ branch.

And, you also have a chance to get Lotte Mart vouchers upon registration for ANZ AutoPay service via ANZ Credit Card. More details, please see the promotion (PDF 624kB).

* Registration fee is VND60,000 and cancellation fee is VND20,000

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