ANZ FlexiCash with ANZ Credit Card

ANZ FlexiCash offers you fast cash line from your ANZ Credit Card Limit for all your needs and desires without income documents.

Your way to success with ANZ Credit Card

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No conversion fee for ANZ FlexiCash Campaign with ANZ Credit Card.

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Promotion Period: 10/08 - 31/10/2017

text icon Text ANZ TM to 8069 to register now

* 4 hours of working day will counted since ANZ Card Operations Team receives application.
“4 hour approval” only apply in case all required documents have been submitted fully and ANZ is able to contact customer via registered phone number for assessment.

Note: Service Provider Fee**:
VND 1,000/SMS (Vinaphone, Mobifone, Viettel)
VND 500/SMS (Vietnamobile, Gtel)

** Effective from 1st July 2016.

Choose one of these for your options:

Text ANZ TM to 8069
Call 1900 1276
Submit application
Submit ID copy and application form (PDF 84kB) to mailbox:

Note: Service Provider Fee**:
VND 1,000/SMS (Vinaphone, Mobifone, Viettel)
VND 500/SMS (Vietnamobile, Gtel)

** Effective from 1st July 2016.

Who are qualified for FlexiCash?

  • Vietnamese having ANZ Credit Card.
  • The account Credit Card is in good credit standing.
Interest rate*: from 18% p.a (on reducing balance), equivalent to 10.05% p.a (on beginning balance)
Fees types Amount
Instalment conversion fee VND 400,000
Early repayment fee 2% of outstanding balance (min VND 200,000)
Compare interest rate on reducing balance and beginning balance
Tenor Interest rate on reducing balance Interest rate on beginning balance
12 months 23%/p.a. (1.92%/p.m.) 12.89%/p.a. (1.07%/p.m.)
24 months 21%/p.a. (1.75%/p.m.) 11.66%/p.a. (0.97%/p.m.)
36 months 18%/p.a. (1.50%/p.m.) 10.05%/p.a. (0.84%/p.m.)
Estimate FlexiCash monthly payment with different tenors
Tenor Annual interest rate Loan amount (VND) Monthly payment (VND)
12 months 23% 30,000,000 2,822,290
24 months 21% 30,000,000 1,541,570
36 months 18% 30,000,000 1,084,572
Compare FlexiCash monthly payment in two methods of interest calculation
Below is the example of interest calculation for loan amount of VND 30,000,000 in tenor 12 months
Month The calculation on reducing balance The calculation on beginning balance
  Principal Interest Monthly payment Principal Interest Monthly payment
1 2,247,290 575,000 2,822,290 2,500,000 322,290 2,822,290
2 2,290,363 531,927 2,822,290 2,500,000 322,290 2,822,290
3 2,334,261 488,028 2,822,290 2,500,000 322,290 2,822,290
4 2,379,001 443,288 2,822,290 2,500,000 322,290 2,822,290
5 2,424,599 397,691 2,822,290 2,500,000 322,290 2,822,290
6 2,471,070 351,219 2,822,290 2,500,000 322,290 2,822,290
7 2,518,433 303,857 2,822,290 2,500,000 322,290 2,822,290
8 2,566,702 255,587 2,822,290 2,500,000 322,290 2,822,290
9 2,615,898 206,392 2,822,290 2,500,000 322,290 2,822,290
10 2,666,036 156,254 2,822,290 2,500,000 322,290 2,822,290
11 2,717,135 105,155 2,822,290 2,500,000 322,290 2,822,290
12 2,769,213 53,077 2,822,290 2,500,000 322,290 2,822,290
Total 30,000,000 3,867,476 33,867,476 30,000,000 3,867,476 33,867,476

The calculation is estimated for illustrative purposes only; it does not constitute an actual approval of instalment amount or monthly payment.

* Effective from 01st June 2016.

Common questions about FlexiCash
Q: What is the maximum loan amount of FlexiCash?
A: FlexiCash allows you to cash advance up to 90% of your ANZ Credit Card Limit granted by ANZ. Loan amount of FlexiCash may vary, subject to available limit on your credit card account at the time of disbursement.
Q: How is the interest rate on ANZ FlexiCash calculated? Is there any difference between ANZ FlexiCash and Cash withdrawal by ANZ Credit Card at ATM?
A: For the Cash withdrawal by ANZ Credit Card at ATM, the interest is applied as ANZ Credit Card Fee Schedule.
And for ANZ FlexiCash, interest is from 1.5%/month on reducing balance (subject to tenor). The Preferential Interest Rate applies from the date ANZ transfers the Disbursed Amount until the Disbursed Amount is fully repaid or the last date of the tenor of your drawing, which is earlier. Any outstanding amounts after the last date of such tenor shall be subject to the interest rate applicable to normal cash transaction under your credit card.
Q: How can I apply for FlexiCash?
A: To apply for FlexiCash, please refer section How to apply.
Q: When and how will I know the status of my loan application?
A: After receiving required documents fully from customer, ANZ staff will contact to confirm information and disbursed amount within 4 hours of business day. The loan is transferred into your nominated account and subject to processing time between bank accounts.
Q: How can I get the money if approved? Will the Bank transfer money to my other Bank's account?
A: The requested amount will be disbursed into any your nominated bank account without transfer fee.

Q: How do I make payment for my ANZ FlexiCash?
A: Payments can be made through the multiple channels such as:

  • T/T payment from other banks
  • An Binh Bank
  • ANZ Internet Banking
  • Monthly Auto Debit
  • Cash deposit via ANZ Fast Cash Deposit
  • ANZ Teller

For more details, please refer Payment methods.
Q: Can I cancel the loan after loan disbursement?
A: After disbursement, the loan will be transferred to your bank account immediately. Therefore, if you want to cancel the loan, early repayment fee will be applied 2% of outstanding balance (min VND 200,000). This fee will be debited to your credit card account and become immediately due and payable.
Q: Can I make partial repayment?
A: No, you must prepay in full the principal plus all current balance in credit card account (if any).
Q: What can I do to make early repayment?
A: You can contact 19001276, ext. 2 to check your current balance and make payments through the multiple channels. Please refer Payment methods.
Q: ANZ FlexiCash loan amount will occupy my available credit limit, so how will I get an increase in my credit limit if I am in need of more funds on a permanent basis?
A: Your Credit Card Limit will be reduced by an amount equivalent to the approved Disbursed Amount and instalment conversion fee, but will be progressively restored by the amount of each instalment as it is paid and to and received by ANZ.
Besides, any time you want to get an increase in your credit limit, please fill up the Credit Card Limit Increase Form (PDF 116kB) and submit latest 1 month salary bank statement & Letter of offer or labour contract if the employment status changes since the last submission at ANZ branches.
Please refer to How to increase credit limit and upgrade card type.

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