Direct cash advance with ANZ FlexiFund

Enjoy the convenience of receiving cash advances from your ANZ credit card directly deposited to your bank account.  With ANZ FlexiFund, pre-approved ANZ credit cardholders can receive cash and repay in 12, 24, or 36 easy monthly instalments. No need to pay cash advance fees or go to the bank or ATM to withdraw cash from your ANZ credit card. ANZ will transfer the requested cash advance to your nominated bank account from your available cash limit (50% of your credit card limit, subject to available cash limits at the time of request).

FlexiFund interest rate and fee schedule

Tenor Annual effective rate Monthly effective rate Factor rate Transaction processing fee
12 months 26.37% 2.20% 0.0957103 1.5%
24 months 26.58% 2.22% 0.0541675 1.5%
36 months 26.37% 2.20% 0.0404880 1.5%


Tenor Amount (VND)
Factor rate
Estimated monthly instalment(VND)
(a) x (b)
12 months 15,000,000 0.0957103 1,435,655
24 months 15,000,000 0.0541675 812,513
36 months 15,000,000 0.0404880 607,320

FlexiFund is for selected ANZ cardholders only.

To find out if you're eligible or for more information, please call 08 5410 1666 - Ext: 1564, 1529, 1560 or 1900 1276.

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